In Loving Memory

Margaret “Maggie” Toda

Class of 1972

March 25, 2008

Comments from Warriors of Yamato High School:


Dear Warriors,

On March 7, 2007, Maggie suffered a sudden brain hemorrhage from an aneurism. Maggie was driving when she lost consciousness and crashed into a telephone pole on Yokota AFB (where she worked). She was rushed to the hospital on the grounds of Tachikawa AFB, where she was put on life support in intensive care. Maggie was in a coma since the incident, and lost her fight on March 25, 2008.

I personally did not know Maggie, but my heart goes out to all of her loved ones. Many Yamato Warriors who knew her sent their support and prayers, as shown below......



Wally Maroney, Class of 1973/CA (March 12, 2008)

For those of you who know David and Maggie Toda, here is a copy of his email regarding a terrible
turn of events involving Maggie.

If you would like to send a note to David, his email is:

Dave Toda, (March 12, 2008)

Hi Folks.

I just read an entertaining e-mail from <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Eddie Koga and noticed many of you from the Yamato days who know my sister Maggie.

I am writing to let you know that Maggie suffered a sudden brain hemorrhage from an aneurism last Friday. She is in intensive care on life support in a hospitalbuilt on the grounds of Tachikawa AFB. While I am hoping for the best, her chance of survival is limited.

It happened while she was driving where she lost consciousness and then crashed into atelephone pole on Yokota AFB (where she works). She was fortunate to have crashed as it resulted in immediate attention; and there was no injury from the crash itself due to the slow speed, (or to others). She was also very lucky that a neurosurgeon was on night shift in the ER room so immediate surgery was possible.

In spite positive circumstances she has been in coma since the incident and only time will tell whether she will survive. She’s always been a fighter, so I am hoping she will overcome the odds.

I’ll keep you posted on her development. I copied Susan and Jerry who already know. Please let me know if you have e-mail addresses of others I should contact and keep informed. I trust you are all well.

Regards, Dave Toda


Ken Swensen, Class of 1967/Japan (March 14, 2008)
I'm really sorry to hear about your sister. I was on my way back to my office from the east-side of Yokota when I saw all kinds of emergency lights ahead of me. As I made my last turn around the runway, I saw three fire trucks, an ambulance, and an emergency control set-up with many personnel attending a car next to a telephone pole. As I was being directed by the security officer on scene, I asked if this was an exercise. He replied that it was not. The accident took place around the corner of my office not fifty feet away. I am glad that the emergency personnel responded right away and they really took care of your sister. I'm sorry that I could not be of any assistance. I did not knowthat you had a sister working on Yokota. I may have seen her on base not knowing that she was your sister.

She is in a great hospital, as I have known many people from Yokota that have been treated there, including myself. I pray for her full recovery. Keep faith and my God be with her and your family.

I tried to email you at the address that was given to us. However, the mail did not go through.

Best regards,
Ken Swensen ' 67


Steve Greene, (March 3, 2008)

Dave, I read the posting on the YHS website about
your sister, and I'm so sorry to hear about it.
I’m glad that she got the medical attention so
quickly, and it goes toward a full recovery. My
thoughts and prayers are with her.


Libby Blackstead, Class of 1972/NV (March 3, 2008)

I received this e-mail update from David Toda today:

Although Maggie is still in coma and on life support, yesterday she moved her arm and foot a bit. It was the first sign of recovery so it has boosted our hopes. Thanks to Wally for posting my e-mail on the YHS site and for many other fellow warriors who spread the news, many e-mails have arrived. I will relay the messages to Maggie and hoping that she hears or feel’s everyone’s kind words and prayers. Doctor informed us that only time will tell and meanwhile she is still in a dangerous situation. Koto, her daughter, just turned 21 and my parents are too old to fully understand (which in this case a plus). I have not informed them of Maggie’s survival rate so they are presuming she will recover.
I'll post any others I get from him, keep those thoughts and prayers with Maggie and her family.



David Nagata, Class of 1970/Japan (March 25, 2008)

I heard from my friends at Yokota Air Base that Maggie Toda passed away today. Since I live in Tokyo and worked at Yokota Air Base, I used to talk to Maggie often and do lunch together from time to time. It was a very sad day for me today.


Libby Blackstead, Class of 1972/NV (March 25, 2008)

Thanks for the posting. If you hear of any services for Maggie, please pass on the word. We may not be able to attend but I know that we will be there in spirit.

It is truly a sad day for so many of us that knew Maggie. She was such a wonderful friend and, as many of you may remember, had all the connections to all the major happenings in Tokyo. There are a lot of us folks that will forever have Maggie to thank for great memories. I know that my senior year was greatly impacted by Maggie and I'm so blessed that I was able to see her again a few years back in Tokyo. During that visit, she was once again the gracious friend she has always been.

My prayers are with the Toda family and I hope that all of the postings will be a comfort to them. I will miss Maggie very much.


Guestbook Entry:
Date: 2008-04-01 13:41:55
Name: wally maroney
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fellow warriors:

I would like to share a copy of david toda's email regarding margaret's(maggie) last days with us and his heartwarm thanks to all.

Hi friends.

I am writing to thank you for your warm messages and support and to share information leading through my sister's final day. Some of you may already have the following information. During the last week I've lost track of what was said and to whom, due to the number of people who wrote.

As most of you may know my sister Maggie passed on, last Tuesday, March 25. She slept quietly in peace.

Maggie was driving home in her car from work when she had a brain hemorrhage due to an aneurism. We presume that's what happened as she hit a telephone pole just a few yards after a stop sign. She lost consciousness at the scene and never came back. She was in coma for 18 days until she passed on at age 53.

She crashed her car on Yokota AFB where she worked. She was fortunate to have crashed as it resulted in immediate attention; and there was no injury from the crash itself due to the slow speed, or to others. She was also very lucky that a neurosurgeon was on night shift in the ER room so immediate surgery was possible and it extended her life, albeit short. It is quite common not to survive more than a day.

Many people attended her funeral and the ceremony hall was filled beyond capacity on a warm sunny day with cherry blossoms in full bloom. The funeral was done Buddhist style in Tachikawa city honoring her beliefs. Maggie's job was in the armed forces group that worked with the Japanese military and ministry of foreign affairs, so there were many people from both sides in attendance. She was often on board helicopters between Yokota AFB and the Japan pentagon over Tokyo skies. A general and many senior officers visited the hospital and funeral, so I can only presume she was a hard worker.

Yuming, a mega-star singer, who stayed by her side during the final hours was one of my sister's best friends and family friend from childhood. In the funeral she sang 'Laundry Gate' (gate #7 to the airbase near where we lived)...a song she wrote some years ago about Tachikawa AFB and she added some lyrics about Maggie. She also talked about their childhood memories. Having her there and to sing was a very special last send off.

Prominently displayed was a large bouquet of flowers with a message 'from your Yamato High friends in the US'. I am very thankful to Susan Loo (Sera) who arranged for them. I thank Mikiharu & Patti Suzuki (Nowicki), Ken Sakamoto, Jerry & Maria Lowe, Chumly, and John Rueth who all live in Japan and made the effort come all the way to Tachikawa, as well as others I may have missed. I would also like to thank those who have been keeping the Yamato web site going. The news spread quickly and enabled some people to re-connect for the first time since high school. Including messages from Warriors who never met my sister. Most grateful.

Maggie is survived by a 21 year old daughter Koto (who toured with Yuming as a dancer; and she also is a singer where her song is used as theme song for a weekly music show and other TV commercials), and husband Yoshihiro (a professional guitarist) who lived in separation for over ten years. Koto was basically raised by a single parent, Maggie. Devastated are my parents both in their mid eighties. It's always bad when the natural order is wrong. I am now looking after them as Maggie was living with them.

Maggie's cremated remains are now with her husband in Koganei, Tokyo and will remain there for 49 days honoring Buddhist belief that the soul prepares here in this world before finally departing. She will then be placed in a cemetery near Mt Fuji.

She is greatly missed and has moved on to a better place. As my bro Wally Maroney put it 'us Warriors will someday reunite in another world'. Thank you all again for your warm support.

Kid brother, David