Diane Roberts

Class of 1964


Diane Roberts Atherton Pacheco; born 8/4/46      passed 03/25/10;

Diane has left us after a year long struggle following surgery complications.  Even with her amazing will and strength, limitless love from her husband, Tony, and the best doctors, nurses and medical care at the University of Utah Hospital, she could not go on...............she is now at peace.
She was only at Yamato for a year (class of 1964) but found friends for a lifetime there; She was a cheerleader, voted;most athletic;, had that fabulous smile;and wonderful laugh; She was a Navy nurse in Hawaii and continued on to have a lifelong and stellar career in the nursing field; She completed, with pride, her Master's degree, 2 years ago; At her hospital in Pocatello, Idaho, it was by her design and inspiration;that a new women's center was built;She was a professional photographer, jewelry designer, creator of beauty everywhere she went;She leaves a grieving husband, Tony, her brother, Lonnie, two sons, her mother and 3 granddaughters; She had so many people who called her;my best friend" and I am most certainly in that group.  I will remember with great joy all of our photography expeditions in Colorado, New Mexico and Utah seeking out that perfect light; We will all miss her so very much; Sharon Wolfe




from her brother, Lonnie "Butch" Roberts-

26 Mar 2010....talked to Tony this morning...he has Diane with him and is on the way back to Pocaetllo with her.  She was cremated on 25 Mar 2010 in Salt Lake City, UT, after losing the fight against an unknown cause, and after living the most wonderful 6 years of her life.  The last 6 years were spent with new love, new life, and new enthusiasm, all because of the person who felt the same way....Tony.  She finally found her soulmate, and enjoyed life to the fullest extent possible, making his heart and soul hers.
She will always be in his heart, and always a part of his soul, for he is the vessel of her love that has reached out and touched so many lives.  All my love, sis, and may your journey bring the joys of everlasting happiness and peace for tony and for you.  May all of your family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances remember you in their hearts, their dreams, for you are forever going to missed by us all.  Loving you forever, your brother, Butch

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