Carl E. Hardy III

Class of 1962

Posted on the Yamato HS guest page 1/22/2004 by Jim Ranes

This message is primarily for those Yamato High School alumni who graduated in 1961-1964. Last night, my friend, Carl E. Hardy III, died from complications of liver cancer. Carl was a remarkable man who enhanced the lives of everyone who knew him. For those of you who did not know Carl, he was one of the first Yamato High School athletes to play Division I football on a full scholarship at Auburn University. He was an author, a business executive, an accomplished horse trainer, a movie stuntman, and a good friend. Carl, we will meet again in a better place. In the meantime, you will continue to live in my prayers. Jim Ranes

I remember Carl in football. He was absolutely on of the BEST players that ever attended YHS. For those who had ever tried to tackel him, I am sure you will only remember his knee pads.

I am sure that many of us would like to have known him past YHS. Please send me photos and other information you might have that you would like posted here. Aloha Dan Iki send info to

Carl Hardy was a true renaissance man. He pursued every facet of his life with a vigor and had fascinating life. As you may know, he transformed himself from a superb running back into a devastating blocking fullback. He liked nothing better to open up a hole in the line for the fleet All American running back who was his team mate at Auburn. He became a marketing executive for one of the largest Coca Cola distributors in the US and was married to his daughter. Later, he became a top professional horse trainer specializing in the training of horses to be shown at halter. He wrote a wonderful book entitled, "Raffhalima, The Showhorse". I have an autographed copy. The story was based on a grey stallion, Raffhalima, who was the high point Arabian stallion in the State of Louisiana.

Carl was a member of the Screen Actor's Guild and was a stunt man and actor in several motion pictures. He was also a published poet and songwriter and produced an educational play for television.

Carl was also very courageous in his battle with cancer. His positive attitude and his desire to cheer up his fellow chemotherapy patients exemplified his life. Carl had a way to make everyone around him feel better. I was privileged to have the opportunity to be part of his support group during his last years. He was my friend and we'll hook up again someday.

Jim Ranes 1/23/2004

I was a senior at Yamato High School in 1960, the last time I saw Carl Hardy ’62, and he was going steady with one of my best girlfriends, Pat Newsome ’62. Pat was beautiful, intelligent, and one could already see that she had a special quality about her……just the kind of gal Carl would be attracted to. Carl was very tall, good looking, quite muscular, and so very nice….one couldn’t help but like him. Pat gave me this photo back then, and wrote on the back she wrote: “Love Us!”

At the time the three of us lived on the Green Park AFB, which was basically seven apartment wings surrounded by a tall cyclone fence. The space around Green Park was very narrow, with was a swimming pool on the right side….toward the back, and a parking area facing the front entrance. I remember that Carl and Pat liked to walk around the seven wings for exercise, and one early evening they invited me to join them. Let me tell you it was quite a walk…..which I’m sure is why I still have strong memories of that walk! I also have vivid memories of Carl’s mother, because she was so beautiful…..she definitely stood out in a crowd.

After the 1999 reunion, I saw Carl’s name pop up, and decided to call him on the telephone. After several attempts, on January 5, 2000, Carl picked up the phone. I really enjoyed my conversation with Carl, and he was just as I remembered him. We talked for quite a while, and he brought me up-to-date on his life. He talked passionately about horses saying, “I found my true love when I started working with horses.” He went on to talk about how wonderful this life is, and he spoke of his plans for the future with great excitement.

I wasn’t worried, because thought I would surely see Carl again…..but it wasn’t meant to be…… At the time Carl was getting ready to move to another state, but we agreed that we would keep in touch, and that he would try to make our next reunion. He agreed to send me some recent photos of himself, which I posted on As promised, Carl sent me the photos with a note that read,

“Dear Vonnie, Thanks for writing and for tracking me down. I am sending you these pictures of an old charming horse trainer. I will be moving to Virginia this summer, more horses, clinics, tracking, etc. Maybe I will get civilized. Ha! It is indeed a wonderful life we all have with lots of wonderful people. Take care and God Bless, Carl H.”

When I read that Jim Ranes ’62 spent his last days with Carl, it brought tears to my eyes. Two buddies from Yamato High School, in a faraway country…. still together after all of these years ….is what being part of our Yamato family is all about. Carl is just another example of what a special group of people we have in our alumni. Carl will be missed…..but never forgotten. My heart goes out to his family and friends…..may it bring you comfort to know that Carl will always be remembered by his Yamato family.

Vonnie Hoops-Class of 1960

Carl Hardy was a big part of my life in Tokyo. He was my big sisters boy friend and a big brother to me. When I read the e-mail from Jim I had a flood of memories from Geen Park And Yamato. The teen club is still in the back of my head... Playing pool and slow dancing to the music. I loved the summers that we had at the pool. I remember when we left by ship and I waved goodbye to friends on the dock. I was so sad to leave the place that had been my home. Lots of memories..................

Nancy Newsome Henderson

It looks like the class of 62 has lost another Warrior. My heart goes out to the family of Carl Hardy. He was part of my class, and we used to do homework together. I am truly sorry to see such a brave warrior go to his big stable in the sky. Carl was a force to be reckoned with, not only with his horses, but when he played football at Yamato. I will truly miss him.

Neil Alterman