Yamato High School
Class of 1973
Last Will and Testament

I, Marsha Lynn Benton, will Bimbo (Davida Easley), Bird (Brenda Schofield), and Horse (Patricia Frazier), my beginner's bra, mouthwash, a clean pair of underwear and a manual on How to Get and Keep a Man --- and keep your thing clean, boy! I also will Larry Lee Holmes all my love.

I, Jeff Bower, will my boots to Wayne Moss.

I, Barney Bryant, will to Debbie Gardner my great suntan and to DD Hirai the kiss from the Zama Wrestling meet and to Miss Akers --- my face.

I, Marilyn Bryant, being of tired mind and body do present this Last Will and Testament. I leave my bad grades, worries over tests and nightmares of never graduating, to any incoming deserving senior who happens to not want them. All my hopes for happiness to N+T, S+J, V+W, and why not JAVP. I leave to JoAnn a bottle of "Butterscotch" and a lifetime supply of Marlboro's. And to next year's seniors --- all the joys of the excitement-packed, thrilling government classes. Last, but certainly not least, to Gore, I leave me, myself and I.

I, Jeff Burch, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will the following: Catherine Sugino all the blackberries in Japan, I give to Sam Yun my fouling ability, Ted Okasaki my graceful scoring ability, Dan Rooney my explosive dribbling ability, Travis Benton my power-packed basketball shoes, Charlie Brown my dynamite bad news Burch moves, Roland Sales my ABA dynasty and the entire JV team my great ability.

I, Karen Coffey, bequeath my heart and priceless valuables to M.B., wish to leave my 1001 Cutdown Jokes book to V.B., my 100 Hairstyles book to S.F., my hard-as-nails fingernail polish to J.G., and my good humor and hearty laugh to S.W., and last of all, my 18 credits and all the A's on my report card to B.C.

I, Susan Cone, hereby will "chotto dake yo!", a smile, a wave, a pink blossom, and a chisai "Chu" to the Dokyusei of '74, '75, '76 (especially S.K., L.S., R.I., P.H., G.A., J.A., and R.Y.) To Sandy Johnston, I will a coin from Peter Mates. To R.I., I will a new guitar for the one I slammed in the door. And in memory of me, I leave these songs: "Donimotomaranai" and "Nerai Uchi." (Oh yes, to Shinnosuke, I will my heart.)

I,Jerry Dean, will my athletic ability to any deserving freshman, a pair of sunglasses to Chicano and all the love in the world to Pumpkin.

I, Rena Denham, being of sound mind and … well, of sound mind anyway, do leave my Bobbsey Twin books to the Smyers, my movie start hair to Linda Jo E., "Ralph" and a sense of humor to Nancy H., a tube of Polygrip to Barney B., my broken bass drum stick to Mr. Smely, a dislocated jaw to Randy and all my charm, grace, talent and beauty (ha!) to Kadee Hill (who doesn't need any of it).

I, Randy Diech, will 180 degree spins to the police at Tachi.

I, Glenn Fujihara, leave F the H to Sid.

I, Bill Gale, being of sound of mind and body as possible for myself, will my whole self to the betterment of civilization and as for particulars, I will my great looks to Denis Okazaki, Chuck Bonneck and Gene Griffin; my integrity to the class of '74; my flashlike speed to Roland Sales; my serenity to Cathy Sugino, even though it wouldn't help very much; my supreme intelligence to Ted Okazaki and Sam Yun; and finally my modesty to Merrill Nunnally. Also, I would give 3 inches to Glenn Iriye, 5 to Barney Shiroma, 2 to Cathy Sugino, 2 to David Toda, 1 to Sid Fujinari, 4 to Jack Uyeno, 10 to Steve Smith, 2 each to Denis, Chuck and Gene, and 1 to James Hayashi.

I, Elaine Gamble, will Bimbo (Davida Easley) my brain, my old typewriter, laxative and some Head and Shoulders.

I, Thomas Harold Gough, being of unsound mind and body, bequeath many years of loneliness to everybody in this school (I know you'll miss me); and one burnt cigarette to Sid Fujinari.

I, Caroline Hamasaka, hereby would like to bequeath the following: my ability to play spades and the best of luck to Catherine Sugino in hopes that she will get _ _ _ _, my giggles and laughs to Irene Kitamura and also the govt. brains she requested for. I will a few inches of my height to Chibi (B.S.) and to Denis and Gene, I wish them happiness, success and luck. To Rick Campbell, I wish him good luck so he will be able to get a girlfriend that he wants, and to my favorite freshman, Chuck Bonneck, I will him the black paint he has always wanted. Also happiness, success and my dearest and warmest wishes for all the years to come to him. To Chumly, I will him the quarter and to Glenn Iriye, I will the courage and luck. Last, but not least, I leave the many wonderful memories of the Class of '73 and Yamato to all underclassmen.

I, Ron Hodge, will my last steps into Yamato High School.

I, Billy Hughes, being of sound mind and perfect body, leave my skill of open-hand fighting to Bill McGunagle… he sure as hell needs it. I also leave one slightly battered motorcycle helmet to Tom Rickels. To Randy, I leave a six.

I, Mike Jacoby, will my used pillow to Schmuck; he needs it.

I, Nadine Kaizawa, will: Fran the sukiyaki dinner, trails of thoughts to Ted, remembrance of BUG to DD, a fulfilling summer to Sidney and Kathy --- and my bottle of nail polish to Sidney for Kathy, a big GANBATTE to Glenn Iriye for a second year gold medal, the D-Day Katsudon to Helen, lots and lots of sunshine and happiness to Denis --- and a big plate of brownies to him for next year's games, a box of kleenex to Miss Seibold and to Elaine --- all the hearty gigs and laughs we went through this year.

I, Liz Kelly, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will the following: my dirty knee pads to Maryanne from my 4 years of hard work on the first place volleyball team, my platform shoes to Glenn Iriye, a few inches to Bobby Smith so he can play guard instead of bench on the far out, fantastic Tachi Bruins BB team, hair straightener to Cathy S., all my shooting ability to Funny Face Todd; my humanness to Linda M. so no one will ever call her BU-Ko; Mr. Bidwell's sideburns to Maryanne, all of my brains and batting average to Howie; my quarter to Chumly, candy wrappers to Steve Matsen, happiness to all of the underclassmen; and last but most, all of my _ _ _ _ to _ _ _ _ _.

I, Wally Maroney, will Stan Yamauchi some of my IQ to put him above 90, F the H some common sense, Sid some HGs to calm his head, the Fool's Crew a new supply of cowboy hats, all the non-graduating YGHC good times out at the fields of Apollo, and hope to never see another DOD school for the rest of my life.

I, Denise Massa, being of sound mind and fat where it should be flat, flat where it should be fat body, do hereby will my right and left ventricles to Stan --- maybe he can find something to do with them. To Helen Goodwin, I leave my book 10 Easy Steps to Learning Pinocle; to Jamie Shirley, I leave a belt; to dear ole Mr. Knudson, I will 3,000 freshmen, and to the Boys in the Band, each a pair of sunglasses.

I, Karen Matsen, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath my Physics and Trig tests and problem papers to my poor brother and whoever else can use them; auf wiedersen to Alesa; my seat on the bus to anyone who wants it; some clarinet playing ability (better use it up before it all goes down the drain) to Nancy and Tracy --- who will get first chair next year? My fantastic ability in volleyball to no one (anyone who would take it would be kicked off the team!). My "good luck" and yells to the basketball teams for next year (whatever school they go to); and my thanks to the teachers of Yamato and Desert.

I, Pat McGlamory, will to be friendly and not stuck up like some people I knew.

I, Gerald Melancon, leave my Fro to my little brother Freddie, my youth and body to U.G. and whatever from that, that can be salvaged to Linda Webber.

I, Gary Miyazono, will Stan Yamauchi my plantation in Thailand.

I, Debbie Montgomery, will DD Hirai my room at Yokosuka for next year; Helen Goodwin all those crazy times (Howz it) (Kyoo ii otenki desu ne!); Sid Fujinari a good time with Buddha, Chumly my surf board.

I, Emi Oshima, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will all my Cracker Jack prizes to Gene Griffin, and the ability to talk to girls more to Denis Okazaki. I will leave all my OLD notebooks for my brother so they would be a great help for him, and a deck of cards to Glenn Iriye. Last of all, I wish all the juniors and the other underclassmen (Gene and Denis) the best of luck for the coming future.

I, Christopher F. Pinkava, being of sound mind do bequeath my moods to a deserving Libra, a weight reducing pill to Charlene, and that spike that impales me to the next unlucky slob.

I, Maria Sanchez, will cast to Brad for his left super long leg.

I, Kenny (Wan Wan) Shiba, being of sound mind (?) and body do hereby bequeath the following: golf skill to '74 golf team, my locker to Mike Long, my cards for the "74 yearbook staff, … To Beverly, all my love and everything I own. How to Hook a to Todd. I will to the rest of the student body my big smile.

I, Rebecca Shirley, leave Miss J.V.M. one hundred applicants to Utah State; to freshmen girls, I leave the bathroom walls; to whoever is to remain in Japan, I leave a gas mask, umbrella and a good time at Apollo.

I, Glenn Shiroma, being of kakoi body and mind, bequeath to Sam and Dan my old ping pong balls, my broken tennis racket to Ted and my "100 percent effort" to those who will play basketball under Coach Smith next year.

I, Linda Sims, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath the following: my cast to Ella, my locker to Kayla, my car and a jar of Noxzema to Irene. To Fran, I leave my back walkover and to Mr. Cunningham, the song, "Me and Mrs. Jones." Last, but not least, I will to Robert all the happiness and luck in the world.

I, Craig Snyder, being of reasonable mind bequeath: my rubber sweat suit and 3-volume book, How to Lose Weight and Stay Strong to Glenn Iriye and David Toda; a punch in the nose and a dirty towel to the referees at the wrestling tournaments and my monkey suit to any naked ape running around. I also bequeath all the girls in Virginia or Pennsylvania to Craig Coder; I will to Dean, his brother, my short hairy legs; my lifetime ticket on the Red and Blue Lines to Sid Fujinari; the warts on my feet to Gary Brown to help him at the high jump, and my rusty retainers to John Nichols to keep him smiling brightly. I also will all my love to Debbie.

I, Marg Christine Solinski, will if you will --- LAST WILL.

I, Gloria Stubbs, leave my sentiment to the first dewey-eyed underclassman who wants to claim it. G'BYE…

I, Debbie Wascher, being of sound (?) mind and body do hereby bequeath the following: a cemetery to the five hearts players on Bus #3, a giggle and a squeak to Cathy Sugino, my comics to Rick Campbell in hopes that he'll further his knowledge, a grin to Gene Griffin (though he has a beautiful one of his own), my tranquility to Irene Kitamura, a few inches to Denis and Chuck, whatever luck I have to Glenn Iriye so that he'll have a little extra to start the wrestling season with and my best wishes and hopes to the 1974 football, basketball, and wrestling teams. Good luck!

I, Mike Wishnies, will all my good times in high school to my little brother Steve.

I, Joy Tamura, leave Mr. Rogers all my giggling during French class. I also leave Irene Kitamura all my cracked-up logic so that she may be even crazier than she is already. To Jackie Uyeno, I leave my common sense and studiousness. And to all future seniors, I wish them success and the best of luck!

I, Robert Turner, will my wrestling skills to Dean Coder and next year's "CHAMPS". And to Linda, I give all my love.

I, JoAnn Van Pembroke, leave to Frances Furtner and Irene Kitamura my free mods so they won't have to study all the time. To Gail, I leave my share of all she pours (private joke); to all the future juniors and seniors, I leave a deck of cards so they'll have something to do at Yokota High next year.

I, David Yamashita, bequeath my rabbit legs to Steve Matsen so he can be sure of taking first next year. To Bill Church and Larry McGlamory, I leave them my running skills so they can enjoy a nice "mud" bath at Urayama. To Mike Motta and Steve Arbogast, I leave them my excuse talents that can let them skip practice as much as they want. To Mr. Hildebrand, I leave him my muddy shoes so he also can taste the crucial second I took at Murayama. To the great wrestlers, I give my "bridging skill" so they can stall away without getting pinned. To Glenn Iriye, I leave my "Yamato Damashii" certificate so he can taste another gold medal next year. I also bequeath my lucky rabbit tail to Glenn so he can keep his valuable "radio" to himself forever. And last, I bequeath my laziness to my brother so he can live it up the next three years in high school.

I, John Yoshida, will all my HG's to F the H and my Pan Am bag to Mike Rutherford.

I, Mary Young, hereby will to my little brother, James, my good grades that I received in my Japanese class and to Sandra K. Johnston, a quarter with which to win a jackpot in Las Vegas.

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