Yamato High School

Last Will and Testament
Class of 1972

Robert Alsop: I leave Mike O'Brien my hair -ummm, I think and to June Murakami goes my powerful Japanese ski gloves.

Libby Blackstead:I will my Jim Ryan legs which enable me to enjoy every thing except back seats to Shrimp and Ochokochoi.

Tom Boggs: I leave Toyotoki Enough and Hannukah to Chumly Schmuck.

James Chida: All my accomplishments accomplished in high school are left to anyone who wants it. To Marion Perry and Marvin Torres, I will my crazy times during the summer of my life so that they can brave even more crazy times.

Ron Coder: I herein leave my jockstrap to Coach Elliott, my worn out cleats to Coach Wiser, my mouthpiece to Coach Bidwell, all my worn out bass clarinet reeds to Mr. Smely, and my trash from my locker to Mr. Chicarell. Last but not least, I leave Irene to Jeff.

Marsha Cook: I will nothing. Being of sound mind, I am taking it all with me.

John Cronen: I will my faithful rubberband, which without, no ponytail would be complete to Cyd Muramoto.

Vickie Earls: I leave my hope never to come back.

Jan Glazer: I leave my inhibition and hang ups to Mike O'Brien.

Debbie Hall: I leave all of the happiness and joy that I've found in the past four years and many of the memories of the class of '72 to the underclassmen.

Linn Hall: I leave my penguin suit from Green and White night to the next Senior penguin.

Charles 'Newboy' Hallgren: I leave the name Newboy II to the next new freak who knows what's going on. I am now a 'NEWMAN.'

Marliss Hazlett: I will to Charlene Wager all the spare time she spent running to the mail room for letters from David.

Leah Eugenia Hinson: I wish Sid Fujinari the ability to live up to his brother. I will all the bolts, screws, and cogs that fall out of my head on graduation day!

Henry Hironaka: I will my super luck to succeed in next year's band festival at Yokohama to the Yamato High School Band.

Dale Jefts: I leave my tennis racket to Mr. Smith to bang himself with. I will my 3 to Mushy and all my hope for the future to the Hachioji futens.

Gwenyth Rae Jett: I leave to Yamato High School, as a whole and lazybody - a fraction of my "enthusiasm" so you can get off your asses. I leave my vile mouth and place here to my little sister, DJ, who has the ability to tear down the useless ego here and the brains to replace it with something worthwhile. But most of all, I leave a big "SCREW YOU" to the nursery school players of "I'm Cool".

Yvonne Jones: I leave my brother to my "sister" Tona Lewark. I will all my love to Rick Taylor.

Karl Koga: I leave the leftovers of my obento (lunch): 5 specks of rice, bite of egg, one seed of ume boshi (dried salted plum), the bones and the head of shio shake (salted salmon), and the fats of fried meats to Gary Miyazono.

Cindy Marshall: I leave my "A" for effort in Math Analysis to Mr. Birch and "A" for excuses to Miss Van Meeteren.

Stewart Mayeda: I leave a non-wind erosionable nose to Irene, a pencil sharpener to Debbie, a rabbit pencil and a dog leash for all the Mad Dogs to Sheila, my umbrella handle to Marcia so she can carry it around next year, and a bucket of water to Bill Deville so he can baptize more people.

Freddy Montgomery: I leave everything I own (which is nothing) to Sharon Koshi, and I also leave all my love to her. I would also like to will all the junk in my locker (which are Data Processing cards) to Mr. Jardon.

Sandy Mullen: I leave my great height to Steve Smith and my brains equally divided among those who need them the most. My great volleyball skill goes to Mary Bayer, who can't keep her fingers out of her eyes.

Duane Nagata: I leave all my short game touch to Ken Shiba so he can win more tournaments without sandbagging. To Chas Nishioka, I leave him my putting touch and my finest shot so that he may have a good match with Ken for the medallists Honors next year. Also I leave my big locker to Cathy Yasuda.

Patty Nowicki: I leave the 3 Musketeers fantastic rating system to B-Boy; keep on coming!

Charles Pridgen: I leave my brains and naturally good looks to my sister, Lynn. I leave my wrestling ability to next year's wrestling team and my handwriting on the bathroom wall to those who read.

Mike Ripley: I leave all my bodily organs to the Yamato High School. My hands chopped off at the wrists will be hung over the coffee pot in the teacher's lounge. My legs will stand in the trophy case to be praised, and my head shall be shrunk and used as a hood ornament on Mr. Johnson's car. My remaining parts shall be cut up in very small pieces then cooked and served in the school cafeteria as a midnight snack for all Warriors.

John Roussin: I will 4 round trip tickets to Thailand via Kuma Khan Air Lines (KKAL) to Bendix, Bippy, Guppy, and Plato.

Diana Scalzo: I leave my sweet memories to these sisters: Marcia Brown, Theresa Patterson, and Nadine Kaizawa. (ha ha) I also will my looks to Jimmy Tucker and Rick Taylor. Please divide it equally.

Linda Shiba: I leave my brother, Kenny, a bottle of cologne to repay him for the one I used up. I leave Marvin a pair of thinning scissors so that the next time he wants to have his hair thinned, he won't have to spend a long time looking for them. I also leave him all my love.

Jo Ann Simms: I will my old gym suit to my sister, Linda.

Barbara Sparks: I leave my Pep Club office to Bruce Spicer and Pat Hinson. I leave my flammable ability to my sis, Helen, and to Miss Van Meeteren, I leave my favorite astrology book entitled, "How To Find Your Ideal Mate".

Lorraine St. Laurent: I leave my hand and ribbon to Susan Cone.

Cathy Stinnett: I leave my seat on the bus to Donna Landon, to be used for good grades, and in case of bad grades, this privilege vanishes. To Miss Inamura, I will the remainder of her typing eraser that she let me use in the Guidance Office.

Gary Sugino: I leave my sister, Catherine Sugino, all debts to be paid by me while alive and also my funeral expenses. To my closest friend, Robert Sakamoto, I leave all the remains of my debts, scraps, trashes, etc. I ask the Hayashi brothers to take revenge of me if I am murdered, manslaughtered or assassinated.

Steve Teschke: I leave my golf talent to Charlie Nishioka and Ken Shiba.

Cynthia Thompson: I leave all my English compositions to my little sister, Lucille, and my heart and happiness to Ray Heath.

Maggie Toda: I leave my Japanese Power to the 3 Musketeers and all my love and happiness to Kachiya. I leave all my good times to my kobuns.

Don Trent: I leave my nickname "Swamp Rat" to Wendy Watson or the use of my nickname for anything except for a bowling team and anything else that is deviate.

Gwen Vidinha: I leave my New Testament to Tudy Castro.

Lorraine Woodward: I leave my ability to write "good" and "interesting" essays in Mr. Whitaker's class to all the up coming Juniors.

Naomi Yokoyama: I leave the song "Super Star" to R.E.M.

Typed and submitted by Diane Quimby
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