Yamato High School
Class of 1961


I, Dathene Adams, being of sound mind and body do hereby leave all my senior privileges to any junior who thinks he might have better luck getting some that I did.

I, Jim Arnold, being of weak body and feeble mind, will to Jay Reed, the ten laps around the track, which I have not run.

I, Betty Ayers, in order to tear down the wall between us, do hereby bequeath my reams of used typing paper to Bobbi Presender.

I, Beverly Ann Bates, being of sound mind and body, bequeath to Robert Harcrow my terrific mathematical aptitude.

I, Candie Belden, being of sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath my well worn diets to Carol Witowski.

I, Carol Bettinger, will my most cherished possessions, EN and MS, to all who want their lives similarly enlightened.

I, Allen Bland, being a cool clod, will my size I3 shoes and masculine body to Lex Sheridan.

I, Sandy Bugg, will my camera to Dave Tabata in hopes he can take as many good pictures of school activities as I have.

I, Sharon Carman, do hereby bequeath my ability to drive and park to Barbara Russell.

I, Virginia Carroll, being of sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath all my 'Deedistic Orly Deeds' to Carol Witowski.

I, Robert Carter, do hereby bequeath to Don Brightwell one slightly used road map to Nagoya.

I, John Cerny, will my ability to take sports pictures to Neil Alterman.

I, Elaine Coffey, being of sound mind, do hereby will nothing to the Juniors, I save everything.

I, Ed Combs, do hereby leave my intelligence, good looks, and personality to the Junior who needs them the most.

I, Robert Cooke, will my ability of being the only person to drive a sports car to school to Lex Sheridan, provided that he can get his Dad's Jag.

I, Carol Cox, leave to Gari Hawthorne my ability to eat in the halls without getting caught.

I, Ken Crandell, being of clean mind, will my ability of staying out of trouble to any junior who needs it.

I, Doug Czinki, hereby leave all of my broken guitar strings, my sideburns and an autographed picture of Fidel Castro to Mike Tauers.

I, Bob Dale, hereby will my questionable dancing ability to Robert Durham.

I, Bill Davidson, hereby will my ability to play football for Zama to Bill Cutforth.

I, Ken Davis, will my low hurdling ability to Don Jensen, that is if he needs it.

I, Helen Beibler, will my ability to lose things, good or bad, to anyone who needs the misfortune.

I, Earl De Koker, will my I and 3/4 points that I made on the track team to Xavier Maruyama.

I, Wayne Durham, will my ability to sleep in English to Don Becker.

I, Richard Elliot, here by will to Fred Knust my fabulous book How To Take Yearbook Photos and Lose Your Sanity.

I, Mary Eppley, will all the wonderful, rewarding experiences that I have had this year in Junior Red Cross to the council next year.

I, Sandra Everingham, leave my locker to any junior who thinks they are fast enough to catch the falling books.

I, Bill Flagler, will my physics notes to Jim Reda in hopes that they will get him the same grades they got me.

I, Mary Jane Forwood, will to any junior dumb enough to take it, my sunny disposition, in hopes they may overcome it.

I, Sandra Hagen, leave my most precious possession, myself, to Rodney Flesner with the hope that she will utilize my unique personality to her best advantages.

I, Leslee Hatcher, will my shorthand ability to Peggy Poston.

I, Mary Lee Johnson, will all of my government note books to Joanne Johnson.

I, Mary Anne Jones, will any southern accent to Betsy Murray.

I, Richard Kelley, will my talent to read and understand books of any kind to Dave Tabata. I, Mike Kessock, bequeath to junior boys with girl trouble a portion of the daily summit conferences held in fifth period study hall.

I, Lynn Kimball, bequeath to Xavier Maruyama, a poetic ability before he develops a trauma or ends his life in futility.

I, Peggy Kincannon, being of sound mind, bequeath my cheerleading uniform to Barbara Russell.

I, Jim Litz, leave all my left over ration stamps to Gerry Morris.

I, Phil Loofbourrow, will my ability to get a lot of work done in fifth period study hall to anyone who wants to try.

I, Carol McRae, will my typing class to Melba Culp.

I, Bobbi Jo McDaniel, do hereby bequeath to Cheryl Ogan, all of my study halls and Shelley Berman records.

I, Pat McGrath, being of sound mine and body, do hereby will to Kay Czinki anything and everything to make her happy in her senior year.

I, Marily McInvale, being of sound mind, will my birthday of I962 to Beverly Rose.

I, Paul Maruyama, will my ability to keep my weight under I95 pounds to Bill Cutforth.

I, Bob Meisenhelder, bequeath to any junior who needs advice on girl trouble the daily summit conferences held in fifth period study hall.

I, Windy Meng, do hereby will my bottle of man-tan and ivory cigarette holder to Anne Pierce.

I, William Moe, will my great mechanical drawing ability to Bruce Yates.

I, John Moore, being of sound mind and body, and having been here twelve years, do hereby leave.

I, Liz Moralez, will my seat on Bus #9, to anyone who is willing to stand up.

I, Jackie Mynatt, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will all the bags of half eaten popcorn in my locker to Gene Hensley.

I, Kiyoko Makayama, will all the luck to the next Senior Class.

I, Ron Nara, bequeath all my sweetness and kindness to Lynda Mills.

I, Steve O'Brien, will my domineering power over lower classman to Lynne Royal.

I, George Payne, will to John Berkholz my half of the house in mechanical drawing.

I, Paulette Peacher, leave all the solo parts to anyone who has enough wind to blow a piccolo.

I, Tom Peters, being of sound mind and body, hereby bequeath the following: To Stephanie Knowles the luck that has been mine for the past twelve years, and everything else to Dana Kingen and Linda Singer

I, Ray Phillips, leave my abundant knowledge of geometry to Gari Hawthorne, who, I know, will put it to good use.

I,Dick Ragsdale, being of sound mind and body, will my wit to Don Becker.

I, Randi Randall, being of sound mind and body, will all my old book reports, essays and term papers to Linda Singer.

I, Shirley Randall, will my cap and gown to any junior lucky enough to make it.

I, Jim Ringer, do hereby bequeath to Dave Tabata my ability to run.

I, Sheila Ryan, will to Cecilia Davidson my old fountain pen to take shorthand notes with.

I, Carlos Sandefur, will to Michele Landry the honor of taking my position of writing the "Though for Today" on the board for her homeroom in the morning for every school day.

I, Stephen Sasfy, will my mathematical ability to my brother, Frank.

I, Bea Scanlon, will my GAA tennis shoes to any GAA member.

I, Jim Schmalz, leave all my snoopy drawings to Dana Kingen because her soft fuzzy ears remind me of him.

I, Lowell Short, leave my ability to ride a cycle to any junior that isn't very good at riding.

I, Joseph Shugart, will my white shoelaces and old football locker to some up and coming guard.

I, Phyllis Sims, being of sound mind and body, do bequeath my unfinished English term paper to Lynn Riebe.

I, Mike Sipes, leave my set of specialized technical books and several interesting negatives to Lynn Riebe, who needs them all.

I, Suzen Spencer, being of sound mind, do hereby bequeath my ability to devour crunchy carrots during study hall without getting caught to anyone who needs it.

I, Glenn Stiles, will all my term papers that I have used in succession for the past four years to Sheile Fleek.

I, Wayne Stockton, will my love tag to Fred Knust.

I,Carol Taylor, being of sound mind and body, hereby bequeath fifteen well used typewriter ribbons to Nat Vallas.

I, Paul Thorpe, leave my mustache to any junior who has the ability to grow one.

I, Doris Tuck, will my schizophrenic personality which I have acquired in psychology in Mr. Slage's government class to Vikki Buffington.

I, Terry Turner, will all of the things I never learned in high school to the juniors, and I leave my worn out pair of tennis shoes to James Holland.

I, Beverly Unger, being of sound mind, do hereby bequeath my lemons from modeling class to Cheryl Ogan.

I, Ted Vallas, will one full grown ulcer to David Tabata, if he is crazy enough to take editorship of the Katana next year.

I, Bob Van Siclen, will my fish from the JRC play to the fishiest person in the Junior Class.

I, Jinx Vandiver, will my collection of pictures of Johnson boys to Cary West, Charlotte Blake and Anne Pierce.

I,James Vohs, will my years supply of Senior Scholastic to my sister.

I, Dave White, will my shades to any junior who is lucky enough to have Mr. Arlton.

I, Judy White, being of sound mind, bequeath my bike riding ability to any and all junior girls at YHS on the stipulation that they never bluff any gravel trucks and make it to school without being short of breath.

I, Joann Williams, being of sound mind, leave a lunch to who ever swiped them this year.

I, David Wilson, will my arguments with Miss Kimball to anyone crazy enough to take them.

I, Lyle Wogoman, leave my ability to get along with teachers to anyone who wants it.

I, Jackie Wolfe, will to Roberta Klos my ever-loving ability to gain weight. I, Lee Wolfe, hereby will my Lilac frame to Jerrol McLeod, and 50 extra pounds to Jim Barton.


In a class reunion we mingle through the crowd and see the various grads and see how the world has been treating them.

We see:

Bob Cooke stepping out of a Farri. He is the head instructor at Arthur Murray Studios.

Jim Arnold is chairman of the board for Slenderfla International.

Craig McKinney is designing modern birdcages for "Pops Peculiar Parakeet Shop."

Terry Turner is a very successful writer of commercials for Sticky Peanut Butter.

Tish Houston featured in Betty Crocker Cook Book makes delicious, nutritious, pinto bean sandwiches.

Randi Randall and Betty Ayers are investigating possibilities for converting the Sahara Desert into a king size swimming pool.

Jim Ringer recently set a new record in the hot air balloon contest.

Richard Elliott is a photographer for a new farm magazine called Rodents Can Be Rambunctious .

Ron Nara is the beginner of mass production of Arlton's Dehydrated Water Pills .

Bob Carter took a trip around the world on a two-seat bicycle with ballast tanks for sea travel.

Bob Dale is sewing parachutes for Yuri Alexeyuitch Gagarin.

Butch Burkett is the head coach of the Championship Marble Team.

Sheila Ryan, the Tiny Tinker's Tiddlywinks Tournament Champ, is the secretary for Saudi Arabian oil tycoon, Ali Baba Axelgrease.

Jackie Mynatt is the 1983 rodeo champion for skill in bronk-bustin', calf-ropin' and hog-tying.

Joann Williams is a big game hunter from Northern Hawaii.

Jack Marr is head of the English Staff at Harvard University.

Jim Litz and Dough Czinki just formed a large salvage yard in Leapoldville, called Consolidated Junk.

Judy White is very successful as Miss Frances on Ding Dong School .

Lynn Kimball is the owner of the largest ranch in Laos, Kimball's Gophers.

John Cerny is doing fine after three years. He is now chief potato peeler for the Isetan Department Store Cafeteria in Tachikawa, Texas.

Glenn Stiles is the famous exterior decorator and president of Anonymous Astronauts Fan Club .

Paul Thorpe is the world famous hubcap designer for Super Sonic Air Mobiles

Carol Bettinger, a famous histologist, has aided science in the development of the microscope and in developing a method for preserving body tissues. Winner of the Nobel Science Prize in 1989; she is now attempting to rise enough money to build a new laboratory for further research of the Bettinger Method.

Mary Jane Forwood, a registered nurse and secretary to Miss Bettinger, is in charge of the fund raising campaign.

Sharon Carmen, a physical fitness expert, was recently assigned to The White House Staff to organize a physical training and fitness program for the President and his Cabinet members.

President Loolhourrow is quoted as saying, "As Long as I am President of these United States, I will strive for good health for myself, my Family, my cabinet, and ultimately for all Americans." This program might well become nationwide as Miss Carmen will be in a position to increase her prestige on a national and perhaps an international plane. President Loofbourrow will begin his fitness program as soon as his arm and leg are well enough to be taken out of the cast. As you recall the President broke several bones at the Peace Conference in Switzerland, on the ski slopes.

Elaine Coffey was recently released by the Cuban rebels. Miss Coffey had been an AP writer in Cuba covering the overthrow of Castro in 1982; however, she was strangely involved with the Castro sympathizers and was sentenced to life imprisonment in a Cuban prison. Evidently, according to Miss Coffey, who rambles when she speaks and who perhaps may have matters confused after this ordeal, they have misplaced her records and have all but forgotten her case. Fortunately last week, twenty years after she had been imprisoned, a new jailer started interviewing prisoners and found this bent, gray, wrinkled old woman and asked for her release. When asked by Warden Kessock what she planned to do with her new found freedom, Miss Coffey replied, "I'm off to the North Pole where I understand there is a new revolution in the brewing."

Sandra Everingham was recently seen in the window of a New York Department Store. Sandy has a new job as mattress tester for Sealy.

Sandra Hagan begins her Tonight Show on CBS TV this weekend. Sandra, who is replacing Parr, has long been regarded as the funniest woman in America. Miss Haga, who just returned from playing military circuits and from entertaining European audiences, finally consented to do the late TV show. For her first show she has a wealth of American talent contracted; professionals such as the Trimen Jugglers, Joe Shugart, Steve O'Brien and Don Myrah, who not only juggle the usual apples, oranges, knives and flaming torches, but who also juggle each other.

Also David Wilson will appear on the first show. David trains lions and tigers and has these wild beasts perform tricks domestic animals would not. They sit up, beg, roll over, play dead, jump through hoops, etc.

Bobbie McDaniel, a famous movie star, fashion designer, and model was discovered by talent scout Jerry Moore. Jerry says he discovered Miss McDaniel his senior year in a high school, but rediscovered her on a TWA flight several years ago. Miss McDaniel was a stewardess for TWA before her modeling career. This year the McDaniel Look is the vogue. It is called the Bobbie Look which is replacing the Jackie Look.

Leslie Hatcher will open Off-Broadway in Milt Cooper's new play. Miss Hatcher is an up and coming actress. Leslie has been doing TV commercials and this is her first lead in an off Broadway play. Miss Hatcher's interest in the theater goes back to her senior year in high school when she played a lead in the senior play "Our Town. " Milt Cooper, the author of "The Ego demanded that Miss Hatcher play the lead, since he felt she could best portray the part of the insane Mrs. Andrews.

Mary Lee Johnson opens in Madam Butterfly, with the Metropolitan Opera Group this season. Miss Johnson achieved success last year in Carmen and the Met retained her for another season.

A new Attraction in the village, Michael Sipes, a struggling medical student, has opened an open book market. His stand looks much like a fruit cart only he is selling books instead of apples. Mike says he got the idea while wandering around the Kanda district in Tokyo, Japan, many years ago.

Wendy Meng, a famous fashion model, recently turned designer. Miss Meng's styles feature the natural look and they may become very popular this season. Miss Meng's new profession is actually a rebellion against high fashion and the artificial look. She is designing her own clothes and she recently spent six months visiting small towns USA looking for modeling talent. The new Meng models, who will display this natural look are unknowns such as Peggy Kincannon, who had been a school teacher and mother in a small town in Texas; Carol McCrea, a librarian from Iowa; and Jinx Van Diver, a secretary from Sugar Creek, Ohio. Good luck Wendy with the natural look. Pat McGrath, assistant to Miss Meng, will serve as fashion coordinator in the new project.

Dick Ragsdale has been awarded the contract to construct Frank Lloyd Wright's suspended skyscraper structure. This design has been under consideration for many years; however, most established firms have been afraid to bid on the radically new design.

John Moore recently accepted a position with the University of Chicago as assistant professor of biological sciences.

Bank Teller Dathena Adams was recently honored because she caught three would be bank robbers in a Trenton, New Jersey Bank. Miss Adams was returning from lunch and she entered the bank through the revolving door just as the robbers left with the loot. The robbers were in such a hurry and they began revolving the door with such great force that Miss Adams could not stop revolving and she kept the doors spinning until the police arrived to arrest three very dizzy would be robbers. Miss Adams quoted as saying, "Really, it was nothing".

Helen Diebler was recently awarded a scholarship to continue her studies in Chemistry. Miss Diebler is described as being a great student of chemistry who will one day contribute much to the chemical world.

Lee Spangler will quit circus life for good, announced the Mills Bros Circus. Spangler has been a box office success as a clown for the Mills Bros Circus for 15 years. Spangler is quoted as saying, "I am tired of being a clown. After a while you get tired of having people laugh at you. You want to do something serious, something more respecfful and something that will contrihute to the welfare of mankind." Spangler has accepted a job as garbage collector for Cleveland Heights, Ohio, but he describes this job as just temporary and he plans to run for the House of Representatives representing the 10th Congressional District in the fall election.

Max McNay has made quite a name for himself in the medical world. He is now Dr McNay of the Mayo-McNay Clinic.

Sandra Bugg runs a bedding establishment called "Bugg's Beds."

Carlos is now in Wisconsin raising Mink and little Dollies. He is doing very well, and his trademark "Sande-fur" is known all over.

David White, now better known as Edward R. Burrow, radio announcer, seems to feel that good times are ahead, especially since President Wayne Durham has increased the minimum wage to $8.50 per hour.

General Meisenhelder has just returned from a visit to Mars, and he feels that the Air Force could definitely stand some improvement.

Gary Iki is now the new manager of the Washington Senators. The team seems to be having a little trouble though because Gary doesn't require his players to wear belts and it is a little awkward to hold their trousers with one hand and bat with the other.

Joan Black now runs a night club with her husband Harry Blue. The name of the club is The Black and Blue.

Mary Eppley, head of the American Red Cross, and her assistant, Kiyoko Nakayama, are now engaged in a fund raising drive. They have a new idea to tunnel under the U. S. Treasury Building. This ought to net them a sizable sum. The Director of the FBI,Ray (Hoover) Phipps, hasn't caught wind of the plan, but I'm sure he will be broad minded, and realize it is for a worthy cause.

Carol Cox is the head of the new Women's Army. The duty of this army is to patrol Mars and other planets. They are referred to as Cox's Army.

Bob Van Siclen, the Director of the Federal Income Tax Office, claims he prepared for his job in Mr. Arton's Physics class with the use of many tables, formulas, rules and other gimmicks.

There is a new cartoon feature out. It is called "Kathy and Jerry. " It seems, Jerry is always chasing Kathy and he may even catch her some day. There is another new feature out called "Tarzen and the Queen of the Amazons. " It's a real thriller starring Ken Davis and Marilyn McInvale with Lyle Wogomon as their son.

Out in Detroit comes a report from the head of Grandall Motors, he seems to think that the new low sleek silhouette was the thing this year, although he felt the shorter less compact Randall might give some competition.

A new book is out by the famous surgeon, Bill Davidson. The title is Whats New in You?

Mary Ann Jones is now a private nurse working at the Walter Bleed Hospital. She is doing fine but her patients have a little trouble understanding what she is saying to them.

Have you heard who walked away with all the Gold Medals at the Olympics this year? Bea Scanlon. Her only competition was from Bill Flagler in the hopscotch. Instead of throwing stones into the squares this year they used hand grenades.

Earl DeKoker is doing quite well with his new audience participation TV Show, People are Crummy. 11 Last night he called up from the audience a lovely lady plastered with mink and diamonds. He asked her name and was told it was Liz Moralez Taylor. Liz told Earl about her new movie, "Sputterflield 9".

Paulette Peacher and her seven sisters have a wonderful new night club act based on her Japan tour.

Chuck Welch was seen on the streets yesterday behind a beard and glasses. When he was asked why he was disguised, he replied that the sun was too bright and that he was not well fixed for blades.

Typhoon Beverly swept the East Coast last week with devastating results.

Candy Belden is currently employed as a secretary in Chicago. She stated that she has had this position for over twenty years but has never been paid -- she has forgotten where her office is.

Virginia Carroll is the popular hostess in Club 23 on Broadway. She acts as a cigarette girl between shows and is helped by the congenial manager, Russell Wayne Stockton, who is the King of Broadway these days.

Lee Wolfe has married and rides the commuter special from Long Island each day. His home is completely wired for stereo and he as installed TV sets in each room to monitor his family of twelve while he is at work.

Beverly Bates is dancing with the Rockettes now in Radio City - it is rumored she may be married but we couldn't corroborate this as there is a question as to whom it may be.

Rodolfo Threatt is still in the Far East where he has been gathering research on how to play basketball in high school while nineteen years of age.

Susan Spencer has been traveling extensively with her all Girl Basketball Team and knocking over all opposition. She is presently considering a challenge to the Harlem Globe Trotters.

Paul Maruyama put on to much weight for judo but he has climbed to the No. 1 spot in Japan in recent sumo matches.

Paul Poplawski is gambling in Las Vegas and at last reports he has finally figured out a way to beat the system.

Jackie Wolfe is on the radio now MC'ing children's stories from rive to six nights every week -- tune her in -- her program is called "A Tisket, A Tasket, I've Lost My Little Birkett".

Thomas Peters is in Los Alamos working on Space Ship Travel. He has the exclusive concession for all trips to the moon, however, we understand tourists are tiring of this as they have to leave to much gold in exchange for a few hunks of cheese.

Wanda Buster has raised her family of six and is now teaching second grade in Riverside, California. Her husband is still with the U. S. Air Force and they are anticipating a transfer to Green Park, Japan very soon. The happy couple is quite elated over this.

Beverly Ann Unger was found on a street corner beating a tambourine. She never married as planned but rather took up her call and has been with the Salvation Army trying to save souls these many years.

Phyllis Sims, our red headed representative of the Senior Class, has made the grade in Hollywood. She has taken over the spot left vacant by Rita Haworth since her marriage to Sol Mineo. Phyllis can currently be seen in the MGM production "Gentleman Prefer Crew Cuts."

Allen Bland is now president of the Bland Bicycle Business. His latest invention is a bicycle that goes backwards while pedaling it forward. This is a moneymaker because so many people don't know where they are going anyway.

Richard Kelly is the featured vocalist at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas. He is reviving the Old Irish favorites and has the billing of "Karoling Kelly the KOOK."

Ed Combs, we rind in Japan -- Ed is now in the service of his country and is still trying to get his black belt in judo. The last we heard Ed was a sixty-seventh degree Brown Belter.

James Vohs and Stephen Sasfy are still together and are running a thriving Japanese curio store in San Francisco. We noticed they have their shop located in the middle of Chinatown and are about to touch off another Tong War because of the nature of their curios.

Gayle Miller is Professor Emeritus at Stanford University. Gayle has written many textbooks on how to study while experiencing discomfort in cold paddy housing. She is widely recognized in this field and the U. S. Air Force has adopted many of her suggestions for use in Japan.

Judy McCartney is running the Hollywood MGM Beauty Salon. Judy has many of the top stars as clientele because of her special attributes. She has naturally curly hair you know.

Ted Vallas -- we all know where he is -- still beating deadlines and is now editor of the San Francisco Chronicle. Ted has recently been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his best selling novel "The Rise and Fall of High School Yearbooks."

George Payne has opened up another school of dance in competition with Arthur Murray. George is the chief instructor and specializes in such new steps as the Waltz Rock, the Mambo Jitters, and the latest craze, The Yamato Yahoo.

Doris Tuck has married Hoagy Humphries, the King of the Beatniks. She is acting in the capacity of den mother and has had many honors bestowed upon her in this troop. The most recent being, "The Mother We'd Most Like To Come Home to."

James Schmalz is standing by as the first astronaut to go into Venus. Venus as you will recall is the Goddess of Beauty. That is why, after careful study, Jim was eventually selected for this honor.

Carol Taylor has also succumbed to matrimony and is serving as first lady to Tachikawa Air Base. Her husband a Major General, is in charge of all ballistic missiles in Japan. Carol spends her free time acting as Gray Lady while not entertaining Gray Ladies.

Bill Moe is on the west coast and handling a couple of wrestlers at the Hollywood Bowl. We understand Bill is negotiating with Japan and is going to try to prove the old argument, can a good wrestler beat a good judoist.

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