Yamato High School Class of 1960

Class of 1960 Will

I have 4 copies of Yamato's school newspaper - "SAMURAI" - issues, Nov 20, 1959, Mar 11, 1960, May 6, 1960, and May 26, 1960. The first senior class will is extracted from the "Samurai" issue dated May 26, 1960.

Enjoy……..Rebecca Allison Coletti-Harvey, Class of 1960

1960 Yamato High School Senior Class Last Will and Testament

We, the Senior Class of 1960, being of sound mind do hereby bequeath to the under class men and faculty of Yamato High these our possessions.

I, REBECCA ALLISON, leave my twenty issues of Time magazine used in Miss Imlay's government class to any junior whose favorite pastime might be that of reading old movie reviews and obituaries.

I, SALI BARTON, leave Miss Keasler (she has one shoulder left to cry on) to someone else with problems.

I, ANTHONY BAYER, will to Gene Phillips the joy and responsibility of being a senior.

I, DOLLY JO BIRKHOLZ, do hereby bequeath my ability to make fire prevention speeches in speech class to Sue Spencer.

I, KIRBY PEASE BOWMAN, leave my ability to obey traffic regulations to Bob Carter.

I, JIM BRAUER, do bequeath my would-be rides on "Big Sam" to Susan Abele and would be rides on "Northman" to Jacqueln Black.

I, BARBARA BUDDINGTON, will the cockroaches in the newspaper file to next year's circulation manager.

I, JAMES CARROLL, do hereby bequeath my ability to attend Judo Club meetings to Richard Elliott and my ability to type sl-O-Owly to Caroline Elder.

I, SANDRA CASEY, will my ability to sing love songs to Paul Maruyama.

I, LINDA CHAPMAN, do hereby will my ability to argue and win, to Roger Harlan.

I, CAROLYN COPELAND, bequeath to Donna McConahay my pony-tail and to next year's Katana Sales Manger all the receipts I have left over.

I, HELEN CRAWFORD, will my discount on Sugar Crisp to Wendy Meng, and the Yamato Theater to the Drama Club.

I, JAMES DAWSON, bequeath my photographic abilities to Jack Marr.

I, ANN DUCKWORTH, will all my old book covers to my sister.

I, BETH DURHAM, leave my prowess on the badminton court to Sally Stiff.

I, DAVID EAKIN, leave my Tuba to Tommy Brandau.

I, SUSAN ENSIGN, will my Student-Council minutes to whoever can read them.

I, MARILOU GALLEY, do hereby bequeath my ability to read library books and do homework in class without getting caught to any of those poor people who are constantly getting caught.

I, JUNE L. GOWER, give my brand new Government book back to the publishers.

I, ELLEN GRANT, do hereby bequeath my ability to always get out of classes to Paul Maruyama.

I, ANITA GREENBLATT, leave my New York accent to Miss Terrell.

I, CHIP HARRIS, will my long wavy hair to Mr. Arlton.

I, VONNIE HOOPS, leave my great big beautiful smile to Perry Spalding.

I, JOSEPH MARUYAMA, hereby bequeath and endow my unused Government text book and colored pencils for Physics class to the ambitious juniors.

I, DONNA McKEAN, bequeath my title of "Dear Abby" to anyone who is worthy of it.

I, BILLY KAY McKINNEY, hereby bequeath my height to anyone who feels inconspicuous in Japan.

I, SANDY McMILLAN, leave my seat at the courtesy desk to anyone who feels courteous.

I, MICHAEL MONEYMAKER, do hereby leave the school accounts to anyone who can straighten them out.

I, PAM MURDOCK, will my hall passes from Honor Study hall to Jim Ringer.

I MELVIN NELSON, hereby will my high voice to Mike Platt.

I, DAVID PEACHER, will my height to Bob Laque.

I, PAT PORTER, do hereby bequeath to Elaine Coffey my black turtleneck sweater in which she too make feeble attempts to write poetry.

I, ROBERT PRITCHETT, so hereby bequeath nothing, because I want to take everything with me.

I, ELLEN SEANLONG, leave to the next office girl in the Health room all the odors of the medicine cabinet, and my very best wishes for a happy lunch hour.

I, JERRY D. SCRIBNER, do hereby bequeath my fabulous physique and athletic prowess along with assorted trophies, medals and ribbons to the Yamato High of Fame.

I, DAVID SIMS, do hereby bequeath and relinquish my "yeller" pants to next year's sunshine boy, and a straight pipe for his motor scooter to Bob Carter.

I, GRAY SMITH, do hereby bequeath to Teddy Vallas my well developed ulcer, a year's supply of Miltown, one gray flannel suit, and Norman Rockwell's 1938 edition of How to Draw.

I, DAVID SPENCER, will to Ed Coombs all my old Hawaiian shirts.

I, JUANITA H. STARKS, will my spelling ability to Lynn Dalgo.

I, JEANIE RUTH STOBIE, bequeath two pairs of slightly used contact lens cases to Carolyn West, one dilapidated typewriter to Mary Jan Forwood, and one faded cheerleading skirt to Peggy Kincannon.

I, BOB TATE, hereby bequeath all the left over food from my Prom Party to the Cafeteria.

I, KAREN TERRY, will my ability to get along with Dr. Bell to Kandy Keever.

I, ENNO VON TAUTPHOEUS, will my constant As in Math and French to a bright young junior who is foolish to take them.

I, MARGOT WATSON, do hereby will my biology test papers with As on them to Mr. Cougle for his overflowing kindness to me.

I, JIM WIESE, leave my old photographs to next year's Katana staff.

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