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Thursday 08/02/2001 11:17:34am

1046Name:David Strausser
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1975
I know everyone is still "high" from the reunion but I thought I would pass on this experiance I had last week. My wife and I, along with our three kids, drove across country from NC to Palm Springs Ca. Along the way we stopped in Amarillo Tx, and as it happened I lived on the air base there from 60-64. I told my wife I wanted to try and find the place just to see what was left, it closed many years ago, and found out where it was. When we got there we saw that the housing area was still intact and all the homes privately owned. Using 40 year old memories, I was 7 when we left for Germany, we drove around until we found the house I had lived in. Everything was as I imagined it, big field in the back with the playground and all, with the exception that all the trees were alot bigger. As I sat and looked at the house, an explosion of memories hit my head as I tried to explain to my kids that I had lived there when I was their age. Needless to say it was quite an experiance. I told my wife that if we ever made it to the SF area of Ca I would take her to another base I lived on, Hamilton AFB outside of Novato, from 1967-1971, just before we came to Japan. Well thanks for letting me tell this little back to Vegas.

Thursday 08/02/2001 9:28:26am

1045Name:John Christiansen
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: NA
I found this wonderful site thanks to Elizabeth Hamasaka, and">. I left Tachikawa at the end of my sophomore year 1968, and would like to hear from any of you that can remember me.

Tuesday 07/31/2001 10:43:07pm

1044Name:Vonnie (Hoops) Beattie
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1960
Tomorrow is the deadline date that I set for questionnaires, which will be put into a booklet for each of us to purchase. Some questionnaires came to me all filled out and ready to print. Others I will have to do myself, which I have already starting working on. So far I have received 63 filled-out questionnaires and I know of more that are com">ing in the mail. I will accept questionnaires until I com">plete all of the sheets, so if you still want to be included in his booklet you can send yours to me. I will announce on this site when I an ready to start printing the booklet to send to each of you, at which point I will have to stop accepting any more sheets.

I will spend the rest of this week notifying you through your e-mails that I have received your questionnaire. If you do not hear from me by next Monday, please let me know and we will resolve the problem. Many people have sent before & after photos and they are wonderful. Those of you, who receive this booklet, will be very pleased. I will mail your original photos, with your booklet, if you wish to have them sooner then please let me know and I will send them to you right away.

Yesterday, an ex-neighbor of ours stopped by our house. His Name is Joe and he is in his early 30’s. I said, “Joe, I went to another reunion!” Joe made a face and answered, “Don’t even go there!” I guess he won’t be interested in one of our alumni booklets. :-) Believe it or not, I have been taking care of business here in my own life. Dave and I have been working on our house, and we figure it will be ready to list with a broker in another week. As of last Sunday, our nest is empty and we are FINALLY alone! The house stays clean, quiet, and we can fight without an audience! :-) Heating & Air conditioning was com">pleted in our retirement home today; we are really getting excited now, and can hardly wait to start our new life!

Tuesday 07/31/2001 3:33:23pm

1043Name:Masato Kobayashi (Bisnett)
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: '73
So the monster-bash with all the party animals (well almost all) was better than sushi, tempura, ramen and unagi (flame broil eel, ymm yum) eh? Well, I got a thing or two to com">ment about that..............................You're all so right and I could couldn't go so waaaaaaaagh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live so close to Yamato (about 30 min, but no more and yet still vivid in our minds) even now and as I read on about your happiness, sadness, soreness and incredibleness of the impact of others from way back when, I really wished I could've been there with you all. Nevetheless, my heart was. I've met Jerry Lowe at my work place (Yokota AB) several years ago and I also met Jimmy Reuth and his family as well as have a talk with his brother John Reuth (73?). I went to Jimmy's pad and he lives in mountains (I mean literally, with the Japanese monkeys as frequent visitors) You actually have to use a flashlight to get to his house from his parking lot because it's pitch dark. It's great up there, though. It's great reading all your flashbacks and memory lanes. Everyone keep your health, stay in high spirits and hope to see you at the next reunion for sure. Love & Peace from Japan. Write when you can.

Monday 07/30/2001 9:55:54am

1042Name:wally maroney
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1973
greetings! reunion poll com">ing soon. stay tuned and be sure to cast your vote. and if you haven't already done so, be good little warriors and pay your dues. keep searching for out of touch brothers and sisters. we know they're out there. later all

Sunday 07/29/2001 11:20:49pm

1041Name:rick heming(dickie-bird)
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 73
i sure didnt want to leave vegas but we have to do what we have to do. i guess it is no different when our dad got new orders. off we go right? this was the first one i went to and i thank my sister for that. cathi heming.(labonte) wally you are a trip and hard to pin down to talk to. it was good to see old friends again and i am getting e mails from old friends and thats a good thing with the reunion. i thank everyone who puts these together and am ready for the next one. will some please e mail me so i can pay the fees required. i am puter stupid. i am lucky i can find this site plus my puter got pms and shut douwn on me.

Saturday 07/28/2001 9:28:35pm

1040Name:Ray Gambill
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1973
Had an incredible blast at the reunion. I almost didn't go and would never have realized what I would have missed! It was so great to see everyone. All my formative years were spent with a lot of you goofballs. Maybe that's what happened to me. To Wally, Bippy, John R.,Steph, Linda and Joann, Becky, Mike Y. and all the people I saw,I have to say that it was an experience that I will always remember. Can't wait for the next one!!

Saturday 07/28/2001 9:07:32pm

1039Name:Charlie Moy
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1963
Hello, patient Warriors. I have just been in the MyFamily.comsite, and I believe the problems we have been having uploading and viewing pictures have been corrected. A couple of suggestions may improve the performance of this site: Please keep your file sizes of uploaded files as small as practical. I have seen some photo and video files in excess of 1Mb. Also, it helps if you create a photo album to put your photos in - it speeds up retrieval and I think it also reduces the file storage overhead. Anyway, keep those pictures and news items coming; they all make us feel closer together after 25-42 years apart! God bless all you Yamato High School Warriors and your families!

Saturday 07/28/2001 1:18:29pm

1038Name:Louise Ladd
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1961
While I am looking for old friends from Chitose, I am also wondering if any of you who lived in Japan in the 50's-60's have develped the rare type of cancer I have been fighting for 4 years. There might be a Japanese connection because only 2 families in the world, that are known, carry the gene for leimyosarcoma and related diseases. One is american, one is Japanese. Also, of the few people I'm in touch with from our Japan days, one other has develped a closely related soft-tissue sarcoma, and 4 others have died of cancer not specified, including my father. Sarcomas are very rare; leiomyo and soft tissure sarcomas are even rarer. It is thought that most don't develop the disease until many years after exposure. I would appreciate a note if you, or someone from Japan you know, has had to deal with this type of cancer. It might lead to new breakthroughs in understanding and conquering this dread disease. Thank you.

Saturday 07/28/2001 12:46:00am

1037Name:Louise Ladd
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1961
We lived at Chitose Air Force Base on Hokkaido from 1955-1957. It was a small base with a small school, but a wonderful bunch of people. Opal Russell found me after a 34 year separation (and the hard way, not on the net). We'd love to be in touch with anyone who lived at Chitose, or even visited.

Saturday 07/28/2001 11:08:06am

1036Name:don trent
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1972
1974 YamATO HIGH SCHOOL RING ON EBAY'' CLICK HERE">/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1620919189

Thursday 07/26/2001 8:29:50pm

1035Name:Vonnie (Hoops) Beattie
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1960
All of the reunion programs were mailed off yesterday as promised. Of course, I limped my way there! :-) If I missed anyone, please let me know. Now, I must get, “My Story, The Second Time Around” finished. I have been reliving the reunion with each new chapter. My computer friend, Joe Phillips, called me on the computer the other day and he said, “What are you doing?” I answered, “I am working on my story about the reunion.” He disgustingly said, “I thought this reunion “@#%$!” was going to be over!” Little does Joe, or my husband know, that it is only just beginning! :-)

My husband, wants to have our house ready to show prospective buyers by August 1st (our sons birthday), and there are just not enough hours in the day for me! I must admit, I have had this same problem all of my life! :-) I found it ironic that this was the same date we moved into this house on August 1, 1979. Our son, Edward, was nine, and my daughter, Bridget, was seven, and now they are young adults. How fast the years have passed.

Ironically, I also chose August 1, as the deadline for our alumni booklet questionnaire. I wonder if there is anyone in our Yamato clan, who might own a printing business? If so, please let me know. I am including before and after photos with each sheet and now must decide how I will print them out.

Thursday 07/26/2001 12:51:54am

1034Name:Charlie Moy
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1963
Regarding the problems we have all been having posting and viewing photos on the"> site, I have received the following information from their technical support folks: "We are currently addressing the issues you are experiencing. The inconvenience is a temporary situation and will be corrected shortly. Feedback from you, our valued customer, helps us correct errors and improve the site. Your patience and efforts to assist us in this matter are appreciated." So, hopefully we will see some corrective action soon. I will continue to interact with them until it gets fixed.

Wednesday 07/25/2001 6:36:34pm

1033Name:wally maroney
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1973
hello warriors! hope to be putting together a poll soon with the help of the lorenator and libby. nothing fancy, just getting a feel of when and where we want to continue the greatest show in earth. anyone who wishes to be included in the growing ranks of volunteer(s) can email me or libby. if you locate any more wayward warriors be sure to direct them to your class contact. if your class doesn't have one, then be that person. look what it got me. live long and prosper. wally

Wednesday 07/25/2001 10:06:33am

1029Name:JoAnn Van Pembroke (Musholt)-
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1973
It's a good thing we don't have to talk to put anything here in the guestbook!My voice is slowly returning to normal! Thank you to Wally and Pat McGlamory for making sure I made the effort to go! Great time! Congrats to all the planners Thanks for making a reunion possible... Never thought I'd have one so never sought one out! Great to see all of you!
Teri- let's not lose touch again!
Mike Trua..gee..what a girl doesn't know!
Eddie- you deserved the best B-day!You always were fun to be around!
Don..what can I were always and supportive in a crazy time!
Mike Ripley..RUNNING man..shame about the Letter jacket..I remember it well..thanks for the airport ride!
Jerry D-my ankle still crackles..and could not out run you then or now!
Candis (Jeff)- look forward to meeting your family..had a great time rediscovering you humor!
Craig Snyder..oh my God! Say hey to Dustin!:)
Chris P...great to see you again..GREAT that life did the 180 turnaround and YOU ARE STILL WITH THE CLASS of 1973..
Enough! see you all at the next one..and need to get others there!
Thanks to everyone..if I left any of you out its time and space.. ja ne...JoAnn

Tuesday 07/24/2001 10:44:30pm

1029Name:Vonnie (Hoops) Beattie
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1960
The requests for reunion programs are going into the mail tomorrow. Also, Rodd Buckle, who took photos at our reunion told me that you can call him to place an order or mail your order to him, if you like. He just charges a flat postage fee of $2.00 on each shipment. His cell number is: (702) 591-4387 and his address is: Rodd Buckle, 2753 South Highland Drive, Studio #1026, Las Vegas, NV 89109. Well, it took me four days to walk normal again, and then I pulled a muscle and I am back to limping! I am going to join a gym to prepare for the next reunion! Ha! I am slowly getting invitations out to everyone for the new website called, “Reunion 2001 by Vonnie." When you receive your invitation, click on the big, long address, which is a direct link to the site. The rest is pretty self-explanatory. Good luck, and if you still can’t get in, I will help you out. Don’t give up!!! Just received the class pictures taken by Ron Furukawa ’67, and they look great. I will slowly post them on the new site. Get in and relive the reunion!

Sunday 07/22/2001 8:10:47pm

1029Name: don trent
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1972
found another possible reunion site,,wichita kansas,, the town that has adopted all overseas brats as their own,,, looks like we can go home again. here's the web site check it out.. later on and of course CHOFU SUCKS

Sunday 07/22/2001 7:59:55pm

1029Name: Vonnie (Hoops) Beattie
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1960
Ok, Warriors, 22 states so far were represented at our 2001 reunion in Vegas! Including Alabama & our beloved, Japan. If your state isn’t listed let me know and I will count you in.
As you have already discovered, the Yamato MyFamily site is full, so I have opened a new site called, “Reunion 2001 by Vonnie.” My brother, Richard/Anthony brought me (just today) two CD’s of the photos he took at our 2001 reunion. He also brought the photos from our last reunion in 1999………this is two years later! So you can imagine my surprise when he developed the ones from this reunion so soon. I will post the 99 reunion photos after I finish with this reunion.
I will slowly send an invitation to Yamatoites who are on my address list, and the rest of you who would like to view these photos, just send me your e-mail and I will get an invitation out to you. Anyone else who would like to post his or her reunion photos on this site is welcome to do so, we are all anxious to relive our awesome weekend. You are also welcome to post any other Yamato photos you want to share with us. If this site gets full, we will just open up another one!
Boy, I am busier with the aftermath of the reunion than I was with the planning. :-) Seriously, I don’t mind, but I am going to close down and rest now!!!!

Sunday 07/22/2001 1:06:39pm

1029Name: Steve Svenvold
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1965
WOW! Talk about a fine time with old friends and even some new ones! What a GREAT job by the organizers! We owe you, big time. Looking forward to 2003, wherever it is. Las Vegas was awesome and it was hotter'n health requires. But too much wine, women and song can ruin a man, so that's why I had to quit singing at one point. Speaking of song, does anybody know where Delos(Dee) Lutton is? He and a couple of other guys had a great Kingston Trio-type group in '63 or '64 ("Tijuana Jail" and "Lipstick on Your Collar" come to mind). Funny as all get-out. See you at the next one!

Sunday 07/22/2001 6:53:02am

1028Name: Vonnie (Hoops) Beattie
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1960-Your Foundation!!!
Well, my body is finally back to normal, I thought I had damaged it for life. Ha! I am now all unpacked and our luggage is out of sight. My husband, Dave, said, “Vonnie, I need your help getting this house ready to sell!” What he is really saying is, “It is time to start focusing on our life and me!” Isn’t it wonderful the way our men cannot function without us! Ha!
Adding another two states that brought Warriors to the reunion, Oregon and New York. Yesterday morning I told my husband that the guest book is full of reunion talk, and everyone is still mentally in Vegas. My husbands response, “And where are you, Vonnie?”
I just read that it is 1181 days until the next reunion! Gee, that seems like a long……..time before I see my friends again. Can’t someone do something about this and make it two years? Ok Warriors, you know what our weak points are, so step in and offer to take a job to make the next reunion even better! Get involved, we are family.

Saturday 07/21/2001 9:10:02pm

1027Name: Xavier Maruyama
E-Mail: Email Me!!!
Year of Graduation: 1962
Best reunion. Paulette and Vonnie and Neil and everyone else who was involved in the organization of the reunion, you did a great job. Remember our new motto: We may grow older, but we can stay immature forever. I've been trying to impress Edie and having her come to the reunion raised my stock in her eyes.

Saturday 07/21/2001 7:07:59pm

1026Name: Eddie Koga
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1974
NOLA is probably a good choice for the next reunion, though I've been there so many times. Wally if you're going to head the committee & is seriously considering holding the reunion there, I'd suggest the Royal Sonesta Hotel on Bourbon Street. It's a super old hotel but it's perfect for you ... has a strip joint across the street. Avoid going in October, due to annual convention & also during Mardi Gras (early March?) because of high hotel charges. Or how about Hawaii? Zama had their reunion there last year. Maybe we can get Stanley to get us a good hotel rate thru his connections ... maybe Hyatt Regency at Waikiki or Ihilani at West Oahu. Aloha!!!

Saturday 07/21/2001 6:26:22pm

1025Name: Emily Allsop (Reed)
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1967
I just received a call from Colette (Corbin) that I had just missed the recent Yamato reunion in Las Vegas (July 14-15-16)!! Needless to say I was very disappointed I did not attend. Hello to all those from the class of '67 who attended! I will keep in better touch as I do not want to miss the next one...I hear it will be in Japan 2003!! -- My last entry was in 1999 so here's an update...I work at Nordstrom in their product development department as a Technical Designer.About the same time I joined Nordstrom 4 yrs ago I became a 1st time homeowner. I'm a single mom who enjoys doing this 'Martha Stewart' thing but salsa dancing is my passion.-- Hope to hear from my other classmates!!

Saturday 07/21/2001 9:51:48am

1024Name: Colette Corbin (Eckard)
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1967
YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE!! You know you could have, and should have. What a wonderful gathering of all the Yamato family and friends. There were 12 of us from 1967 and we were still going strong on Sunday night at 6:40 P.M. It was just the greatest opportunity for all of us to get together and compare notes. I really did wear my majorette uniform, sorta, kinda, just ask Mike. He has THE PICTURE TO PROVE IT. Stay in touch and put next year on your calendar and see you all in Japan in 2003. Still twirling, CC

Saturday 07/21/2001 9:25:27am

1023Name: Elizabeth Hamasaka
E-Mail: Email Me!!!
Year of Graduation: 1969
The Chofu Vikings are willing to help us plan our next reunion if it is to be held in New Orleans. John Dent, CHS '68 helped out with their reunion and has offered to assist us. He can be reached at Wally, open up your heart and arms and embrace the Chofu Vikings. They really want to help you and the soon-to-be formed Reunion Committee.

Saturday 07/21/2001 0:21:38am

1022Name: Larry Berman
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1969 Chofu Viking
New Orleans is a great place to have a reunion, just stay away from the Double Tree there service stinks.... Bourbon St is great and jkust like being downtown on the ginza or out the back gate. We were there close to the all saints day festival (Holloween) and Bourbon St was hopping, Some will tell yall they didn't have a good time in New Orleans, but that is because they are couch tatters and do not know how to have a good time. Yall go and have a great time, most of us did when we were there.....

Friday 07/20/2001 11:45:34pm

1021Name: Jan Garrison Johanson
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1963
It is great to hear the comments of everyone who went to the LV reunion. Sounds like it was great fun. Most of the attendees seemed to be "younger." What's up with the classes of '61-65? Where is everyone? Maybe we blew it all out at the '85 reunion in CO Springs. It was a 5 day extravaganza of memories and intense emotions. I love hearing all the memories of everyone's time in Japan, and I am amazed at how many people who were there in HS spent time later in their lives back there for one reason or another........or their kids did. That is really amazing. Ernie Singer is there now, Chuck Vogeley' son spent time there I think. So many other people have been back and recorded their impressions on the guestbook. I remember sometimes the typhoon warnings, and how I went out "against parental advice" during an alert to "stay indoors." The wild wind was great and scary. I only did it once. I did "walk the dog" frequently so that I could sneak a smoke. Living next door to the Teen Club, I knew always who was there......and I learned to play pool and pingpong like not many other girls in the States. Being a good pingpong player helped me meet my husband. Thank you Tachi Teen Club. I still have many of the monthly calendar of events for the Teen Club for years '61-63. Ski trips, dances, etc...

Friday 07/20/2001 7:14:10pm

102Name: Steve Holland
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1965 the best year of course
Comments">Email Me!!!!/isapi.dll?c=site&htx=main&SiteID=rS8MAI Try this new link to get to reunion photos. I'll start reposting them tomorrow evening. Including the ones I didn't get posted yet. Steve

Friday 07/20/2001 2:23:52pm

1019Name: Libby Blackstead
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 72'
This guest book is really something! It has helped to keep the feelings alive and well. I have had such a good time reading all the entries, we went to school with some very funny and talented writers. Keep the cards and letters coming, they make my day!
Had a little on line chat with Wally and we decided that we'll just bring our DJ with us to the next one. He was even better than he was for the JHS reunion 2000. We figured we could all chip in and pay for his trip, what do you think? I've got his home number!! Later, Libby

Friday 07/20/2001 9:09:42am

1018Name: Cheryl (Skipton) Runyon
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1964
I thought we could all relate to this - and how many can add to it?
You know you are a military brat if you ...
...actually like the clothes at the BX and don't mind that 100 other people are wearing the same thing.
...all your former very best friends are as long gone as your last move.
...always wish you were back at the last place you were stationed even 20 years later.
...answer the question "where are you from" with "I'm kinda from all over the place."
...are able to imitate others' speech patterns easily.
...are amazed at people who have lived somewhere more than three years.
...are amazed at people who have never left their hometown.
...are amazed at people who have who have never seen foreign currency.
...are amazed at people who think Frankfurt is a some kind of hotdog.
...are asked "where did you learn to speak English so well".
...are asked is it hard always moving around when you don't know anything different.
...are brought to tears by military music.
...are going to a grocery store but call it a commisary.
...are initially confused when asked where you are from,but quickly respond everywhere. 22 you are trying to find someone in the military to marry so you can get a new I.D. card.
...avoid visiting the doctor because you don't trust civilian hospitals.
...bagged groceries at the commisary on payday.
...bought US savings bonds.
...can ask for a beer in most european languages.
...can bounce a quarter off your bedsheets and have hospital corner on your bed.
...can call up actual memories of a country while you're in Geography class.
...can identify ranks and duty station by the stickers on the car's bumper.
...can not speak the language of the country in which you were born.
...can recite all of the AFRTS commercials along with the television.
...can remember ordering a Big Mac, fries and a beer.
...can still convert forgein currency in your head.
...can talk to anyone and everyone from anywhere and everywhere.
...can't convince a stateside cousin that your Japanese kimono doll REALLY came from Japan.
...can't drink Budweiser without being coerced.
...conceal your father's rank because once people find out he has stars they'll never treat you the same.
...craved to have a class six ration card.
...didn't save things so you wouldn't go over the weight allowance of the next move.
...didnt see a TV till you were almost a teenager. not understand why many of your friends are afraid to be in an airplane.
...don't believe it when someone tells you they never left their hometown.
...don't feel quite right seeing military personnel younger than you.
...don't really know how to answer the question "what is your home town".
...dont remember the names of your childhood friends.
...draw a quick map of the world to show someone where you last lived.
...enjoy seeing guys in fatigues on city streets.
...ever got sick eating chocolate field rations.
...every room you've ever had was stark white and you couldn't put nail holes in the walls.
...everyone complains about your name being the most scratched out in their address book.
...everywhere you go, you think you see someone you went to school with.
...expect someone else to do your housework but can't afford it.
...feared turning 21 because they would take your id card away.
...feel like you should be visiting the states rather than living in them.
...feel more at home on a military base than in town even though you've been a civilian for 26 years.
...feel more comfortable living near a military base and get bummed-out when a base gets closed.
...felt like a part of history that was happening around you.
...find that you can easily amuse yourself for hours at airports, train or bus stations.
...find yourself with friends throughout the world.
...get frustrated when other talk about going to their hometown to see old friends, teachers, etc.
...get nostalgic when seeing O.D. Green.
...get the itch to move every 3-4 years and forever feel like the outsider in the civilian world.
...give someone a break because they are in the military.
...go into culture shock upon returning to the states. beer from the Limonade man at the kiosk. dressed up and played pranks at Fasching. grounded or restricted to quarters or put on KP duty. in trouble on the train to Berlin for taking a picture.
...graduated from a high school you only attended for a year.
...had a dad who bought you a used SAM to play with.
...had a father who was always telling you to "police the area".
...had a pup-tent in your yard until your parents found out what was going on in there.
...had a supply of K-Rations that you traded with your friends.
...had Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners in a mess hall
...had your introductory speech prepared and memorized for your first day at a new school.
...had your school lunches planned and served by people wearing sergeant or private stripes.
...have a collection of bunch of beer caps from everywhere.
...have a very best lifelong friend who you have known for less than a few years.
...have been asked just where in NY APO is.
...have been hit on at the young age of 13 by men in uniform.
...have driven four hours to Munich for the taste of a poorly done Big Mac.
...have to explain that being born in Germany does not make you German.
...have to explain why your ssn is from an APO and your home of record and state of residence don't match.
...have forgotten how to speak more languages than most people ever learn.
...have USAA as your insurance company.
...haven't seen your best friend since the last time Dad was transferred.
...hear the sound of freedom when military aircraft fly by while civilians complain about the noise.
...know exactly how horrible AFN commercials are.
...inexplicably have the urge to move to a new place every year for no reason at all.
...keep bumping into people all over the world who know friends that you haven't seen in years.
...kept evac-backpacks by the front door with clothing and passports incase "IT" happened.
...knew the rank and name of the kid next door's father before meeting the kid next door.
...know how great it is to be able to return to base and your little slice of America.
...know how to pack a footlocker.
...know kilometers better than miles and celcius better than fahrenheit.
...know that Radio Luxemborg was the number one way to keep up with the latest rock and roll hits.
...know the words and tune to military march songs.
...know what "the land of the big PX is."
...know what a jump tower is and after a few beers - thought it made good sense to climb one.
...know what Ami geh heim or knittle in die buxe means.
...know what the "land of the round door knobs is".
...know what the relative value of a pfenningwon or yen is compared to the U.S. Dollar.
...knowing about a variety of cultures.
...left school frequently for bomb scares. institutional-style cooking and enjoyed going to the Mess Hall.
...liked going shopping with mom for an hour and a half drive because the BIG PX sold Canoe.
...listened to Armed Forces and VOA radio for the 1st 10 years of your life.
...made better grades in geography because you'd been to the places you were studying. another military brat sometime somewhere and are instantly bonded.
...miss shopping at AAFES or the PX.
...most of your Scout camping equipment had US instead of BSA stamped on it.
...most of your siblings were born in various foreign lands.
...munched hot brotchen & gummies on the way to school. schools in three countries on two continents when asked what highschool you attended.
...never quite finished decorating your place because you knew you'd be moving soon.
...notice Tom Cruise in uniform, outside with no hat and having a non-regulation haircut in Top Gun.
...painted a picture on the Berlin Wall before it fell.
...panic when you can't find your i.d or passport.
...played American Football at the schwim bad to impress the german girls.
...polished your fathers boots and brass for his upcoming inspection.
...put your hand over your heart at 5 p.m. knowing the flag was coming down... somewhere.
...realize that the latest fashion in the states is not the same clothes you bought on base.
...refer to being in the U.S. as "in the world."
...remember following your favorite film as it made the rounds on the AAFES theater circuit.
...remember being able to watch the Super Bowl or World Series live on TV at 2 am.
...remember Chris Noel's dedication show on Armed Forces radio during the Vietnam war.
...remember hanging out at the AYA.
...remember the Sat. afternoon tank rides at FT Hood.
...say think opsec to your friend so they will keep it secure then realizing it won't make sense to them.
...start a major portion of your conversations with "when I was in...
...stand up and recite the national anthem at the start of movies.
...still do yard detail!
...still get the urge to pack up and move about every 22 months.
...still look for you ID card after you've grown up.
...stopped saying I used to live in Japan because people kept asking you if you spoke Chinese. to someone with an accent and pick it up yourself.
...tell everyone you are from a town that you haven't lived in since you were 4 years old.
...the oldest friend you have is from your senior year of high school.
...the term "combat loaded" refers to how the movers load the van.
...think locals have such a limited perspective.
...think of your childhood neighbors Fathers and Mothers by their rank.
...think the US seems like a foreign country.
...think you see old classmates on every corner, whether you are in Brussels, Bangkok, or Boise.
...thought all doctors issued all purpose capsules for every ache and pain.
...thought all pens had "US Government" printed on them.
...thought aspirin came in 5,000 count bottles.
...thought everyone slept under green or blue wool blankets that had "US" on them.
...thought that a firing range made a great playground.
...thought that the Quartermaster was the real Santa Claus.
...thought vacations meant going stateside to visit the grandparents.
...told civilian friends stateside where you lived and they complimented your English.
...try to remember to drive on the right side of the road.
...try to take out your ID card when you enter a grocery store.
...use words like "hit the deck", "visit the head" and "pogey bait".
...used the federal warnings on your I.D. card to convince your cousins that you were a military agent.
...waited every Saturday at noon for the alert sirens to go off.
...went in to hysterics when your grandparents thought of selling their house.
...went out and found everybody leaving on Manuevers.
...went to school in a converted POW camp.
...were born in an US occupied country and moved every 3 years.
...were more interested in your new friend's father's rank than what color your friend was.
...were pleased to find upon returning stateside that the locals spoke American.
...when after 20 years as a secretary you still think of yourself as a yeoman.
...when battleship grey makes you feel warm and fuzzy.
...when you can shine your military kids brass better then he can.
...when you come to the US and turn on the T.V. and notice that the shows are in english.
...when you first log-in to this www site and get the goose bumps.
...when your civilian boss has to ask you more than once not to say Yes sir and No sir.
...woke up to F-4's zooming overhead.
...wonder if dad signed a hand receipt when you were born.
...wondered who your new best friend would be as you enroll in yet another school. make things up about where you are from avoid the headaches of telling the whole long story. are confused when your fiance talks about watching trees grow large in front of the house. can recite which aircraft were in service in which era. graduate from 12th grade and it's your 13th school . had your own punch card at the local Class VI store since you were 16 have climbed down to Survival Beach and back up. use Script or MPC's instead of green backs. went on week-long field trips to England, France and Italy.'d been to every Gasthaus in Germany, both East and West before you were 18.
...your ssn, home of record, state of residence, and place of birth are far from matching.
..know transfer meant pack your toys and say see ya later.
..were in your late teens before you realized flashlight batteries came in any color but OD.
If you can still recall any of these, then you are truly a Military Brat!

Friday 07/20/2001 7:27:05am

1017Name: Vonnie (Hoops) Beattie
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1960
Wally, the King! I happily pass my position on to you. I am not one bit surprised to see your support group starting to form. Wally, you are loved!!! Wow, I just love reading the guest book and all of the excitement expressed, it makes me feel so good that I am not standing alone as I try to get back to my normal life! The guest book is the only record I have of the attendees at the reunion, and only 139 of us signed it, so some of the states Yamatoites flew in from got missed. I add Arkansas to the list, and let me know if any others are not on the list.
I step forward to take full responsibility for the guest book table at our next reunion. Mike Skidmore, ‘69 has agreed to display another letter from the President and I will ask Elizabeth Hamasaka, ’69 to bring her project with the American and Japanese flags displayed side by side. I won’t just walk away and leave you hanging, I will be available to you from beginning to end to help you avoid some of the mistakes I made. My only question is, “Why do we have to wait 3 years instead of two?” :-(

Friday 07/20/2001 0:07:49am

1016Name: Dave Yamashita
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1973
Hey, hats off to Wally, Loren, and many others which made this a success. I was having too much fun, didn't get a chance to visit everyone. Joyce Chida and John Asai asked me how it turned out and I told them they better be at the next Reunion. We definitely missed their presence but we had a blast. You guys all made me feel young and we still are. I work with high school at my church and they know we're all still alive and young at heart. Let's all help organize the next one together. I had fun with groups of people interacting but hope next time, we're all together more often. Thanks again for Wally and Loren and many others that may this happen. Everyone looked great and let's keep thinking young and alive. Way to go Warriors!

Thursday 07/19/2001 10:17:05pm

1015Name: Elizabeth Hamasaka
E-Mail: Email Me!!!
Year of Graduation: 1969
Dearest Wally, I enjoyed meeting, listening and watching you at the reunion. Seems like you'll be in charge of the next reunion in New Orleans. I just wanted to let you know that Chofu had their 2000 Reunion in New Orleans. You keep saying that Chofu Sucks, but you might need their assistance in planning our reunion. Aside from the ongoing rivalry, be nice to them and they'll be more than happy to lend a helping hand.

Thursday 07/19/2001 9:56:30pm

189Name: Cheryl (Skipton) Runyon
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1964
I'm sure glad to see all the support to put Wally in the leadership position!!! I promised him a bottle of his favorite scotch if he'll do this. Vonnie and I are already talking about the next reunion...let's make it two years...not three - we don't think we can wait that long! And New Orleans would be so cool to visit - just don't have the reunion in the summer please! And, like Libby, I wish it was last Thursday so we could just be starting the reunion again! I had so much fun and danced more than I should have - this old body just ain't what it used to be - but I'll never quit! :-) Lookin' forward to seeing you all again in 2003! Party on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday 07/19/2001 9:13:07pm

1014Name: Libby Blackstead
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 72'
Hey you Party Animals,
It's Thursday and I sure wish it was last Thursday so we could do it all over again! I had the best 4 days since I can't remember when......actually I can, it was the 1999 reunion weekend. Only this one was over the top as far as the turn out.
Patti & Dale, without you there it would not have been complete. The two of you were the reason my years at Tachikawa were the best of my life! The Three Musketeers forever!! I just wish we could have had the Nastys there in force, someday Cronen will surface. To the two survivors, Doug and Robbie, who needs John's lazy ass two are pretty dang funny, it's amazing what your damaged brains can come up with.
To Donna Masaki, I never got the chance to really get to know you well during school and I missed out on spending time with you at the last shindig. I was so glad that we got the chance to spend a bunch of time together this go around, I hope our paths can cross again several times before the next one. We can even invite the wild men of San Diego...Bippy, Roussin & Pyle. Where in the heck is Pyle anyway, he skipped out on the dinner AGAIN!
Chris Pinkava, are you sure you're alive? Your family is beautiful, I'm gonna steal your daughter.
Fred Montgomery, you look great! I never should have broken up with you in the 6th grade at Drake!! You don't remember our blissful week of going steady.
Jerry Lowe, I would recognize you anywhere and I can't wait to see you again.
Pat McGlamory, again I thank you for all your hours of CD burning, we got the music for 2003 all ready to go.
I could go on and on and still have memories of all of you from the weekend left unsaid. Crazy things like, I swear that Cyd's Marty went to high school with us, we just don't remember him! I do have a huge goal for the next one and that is to practice Blood Mary drink-a-thons to I can keep up with Julie and the rest of the Houdini Bar gang. I will then be able to feel the beat on the dance like Lasorda. I know one thing for certain, there is a connection between us all that will never be broken. Being with all of you is like coming home. Yamato really does rule! Ja Ne, Libby
ps I told Wally to count me in on his committee. Come one come all, we are gonna have fun putting this next one together. I've got a biz trip to SF next week so the wild man and I will get the ball rolling. We're gonna go do some disco dancing. I'll be seeing Joe too so I'll recruit him.

Thursday 07/19/2001 7:42:44pm

1013Name: nancy houston
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1971
Holy mackeral!!!(or is that sushi?) What a blast it was, huh??? Just got home after a few more days in Las Vegas to see the sights and work out my sore muscles from all that dancing! The sightseeing was great, but the best sight was to see all of you at the reunion! Since it was a first time for me, the flood of memories were just overwhelming and it's good to know that, even with all the years between us, friends will always remain friends. Did someone say let's do this again next year?!! Not soon enough??? Did I hear New Orleans, y'all?
To: Kumiko, Barbara, Kay, Eddie, Francis, Grace, Ken, Shirley, Frances, Mike, Elizabeth, Cathy, Debi, Ken, Henry, Joe & John, Wally, Gary (Bippy), Jerry, Robbie, John P, Chuck, Marliss, Heidi, Karl & Eddie, Bill, George, David, Irene, Patti, Carolyn, Joanne & Linda, Frank, Chris, Carl, Marsha & Marta, Joyce, Maura, Henry, Don and Cher (I hope I didn't leave anyone out!) Thanks to all of you, this event became a most memorable one for me! With deepest thanks to the Reunion Committee for their outstanding creativity and organization and to Loren and Neil for their untold hours of dedication in making our reunions a reality. Yamato truly RULES!
Love to All!!! Nancy

Thursday 07/19/2001 7:34:50pm

1012Name: Grace (Gale) Nagamine
E-Mail: Email Me!!!
Year of Graduation: 1976
Hi all! Boy, I'm still all worked up after the great time last weekend! Can't seem to keep my mind off of all the fun I had...
Seems like George Yanase still has his facts mixed up... Gotta excuse him, since his memory isn't what it used to be, you know... Let's have compassion for a sweet, kind, forgetful guy...
I say YES, YES, YES to New Orleans!!! That is such a fun place to have a party! Who needs sleep??? Reunion in the early evening, go out to the clubs all night, go to the pool during the day, and we've got it all... Right?
I also agree on Wally as our great leader! How about it, Wally? You know I'll help out!
Thanks all, for a wonderful and wild time. I'm already waiting anxiously for the next one.
For those who missed this one, "Sorry, but I had all the fun you missed!" Grace...

Thursday 07/19/2001 7:53:07am

1011Name: Susan (Sue) Barley
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1963
After viewing 52 of Steve's pictures it said I had exceeded my limit. I tried the next day with no luck then tried today and got the rest of them. Good work Steve! Sue

Wednesday 07/18/2001 11:53:46pm

1010Name: marliss
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 72
i would like to "cast" my vote for wild man,disco king wally for the main dude in charge of the next reunion. i think this past reunion will be hard to top and the only man wild enough to take it on would be wally! someone slap the family web site and make the photos work will ya. i just gotta see it all over again. :o) marliss onearm

Wednesday 07/18/2001 10:46:26pm

1009Name: wally maroney
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1973
OK. Hold on a minute. It's one thing to spontaneously act and be merry, but to do the show?? I am truly honored and humbled that anyone with a sane mind would consider me to lead all of us to the promised land. I'll have to get back to you on this. Must be sure to have a support team and lots of scotch. Not necessarily in that order. In the meantime I invite others to step forward and offer themselves up to the task at hand. Now let me get a large bag of ice to reduce the swelling in my head. We came, we saw, we conquered, we kicked ass! GO WARRIORS!
Dare I say it again...........CHOFU STILL SUCKS!

Wednesday 07/18/2001 10:05:39pm

1008Name: Vonnie (Hoops) Beattie
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1960
Correction: Wally Maroney, Class of l973!!!!
Sorry, Webmaster, I goofed up again. My husband is hurrying me to get off of the computer!

Wednesday 07/18/2001 10:01:51pm

1007Name: Vonnie (Hoops) Beattie
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1960
Cheryl Skipton, Class of l964 is right on! We nominate Wally Maroney, Class of l964, to show what he and his class can do for the next reunion!!! Come on, Yamatoites, help me out here, cast your vote!!! For those of you who didn’t attend the reunion, let me tell you, Wally, was a sight to behold, hands down. He is so full of energy and carries a strong Yamato spirit. I am in the process of writing about this last reunion, and Wally is a chapter in itself. Ha! Ha! Not sure where I will post it yet, but will let you know. This chapter you won’t want to miss!
The Class of l960 gave Yamato High School its start, and the Class of l973 closed the place down! We have showed our stuff, now it is time to show your stuff! So what do you say Wally? Are you in? You are hereby officially nominated to lead us into our next reunion. No one could do it better! We are all anxiously waiting to hear your reply! :-)

Wednesday 07/18/2001 8:34:11pm

1006Name: Steve Holland
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1965
Is anyone else having problems seeing the pictures I posted on">Email Me!!!!??? I've been tring to add more, and keep getting messages that the download limit has been reached. I'm trying to "upload" photos, not download them. I can view some photos, but not all. Is this a server problem???

Wednesday 07/18/2001 6:31:34pm

1005Name: Cheryl (Skipton) Runyon
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1965
What an absolutely AWESOME reunion. I had even more fun than the one in '99! And it was fun to see all my classmates from the last reunion, and hook up with those that were at this one for the first time - like Shanna Gilg - it was so good to see you again and I enjoyed the time I spent talking with you! Lets stay in touch! And Wally Maroney - Vonnie and I have tagged you and your crew as "it" for the next us what you young ones can do to keep the tradition going...I keep hearing New Orleans being mentioned...count me in - that would be so much fun! I was so tired on Sunday but still high from all the fun from Saturday night. And then I had more fun...went out and won $500 at Keno over at the Alladin. One last comment - there is no doubt that Yamato alumni know how to party - and we proved it again this past weekend. See you all in a few years at the next reunion...Wally - you better get moving on that! :-)

Wednesday 07/18/2001 4:42:50pm

1004Name: Debbie Wascher Roche
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1973
From the bottom of my heart, a big thank you to all who worked on the reunion! I had a wonderful time reconnecting with everyone and so much appreciate that the reunion gave me that opportunity. Everyone looked FABULOUS! Not a day older than when we were at Yamato! It's amazing to think that we are at the age of many of our parents when we were going to school. Can that be??!! Wally, a special thanks for getting so many of us together and taking on that role of Partymeister. I can't imagine anyone who would have done a finer job. I think you've found your calling in life.

Wednesday 07/18/2001 12:18:28am

E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1964

Wednesday 07/18/2001 10:04:54am

1002Name: Vonnie (Hoops) Beattie
E-Mail: Email Me!!!!
Year of Graduation: 1960
It is so exciting to see everyone sign the guest book and to read about their own personal connections. It takes me right back to my first reunion in ’99. Keep posting everyone; we want to hear from each and everyone of you!
Does anyone know when the pain stops? It still hurts to walk! My daughter saw me limping around the house and said, “Are you going to put dad through this for the rest of his retirement?” Aren’t children wonderful?
Go, Warriors!

Tuesday 07/17/2001 11:46:37pm

1001Name: Amy Bechtel Torkelson
E-Mail: Email Me!!!
Year of Graduation: non graduate '72
Hello again to everyone who attended the 2001 reunion! It was great to see so many of my long lost friends from Tachi and some newly aquainted friends who attended Yamato after I left in December of '68. Domo arigato to Linda and JoAnn (Sims) for getting the information to me so quickly so my husband and I were able to attend this memorable event.
This was definitely meant to be, after 32 years of wondering how my friends were doing and what they might look like now, finally my questions were answered and my curiosity was satisfied.
Ladies, you looked youthful and gorgeous and gentlemen, you looked distinguished and handsome. The years have been very kind to all of you. I wish I had more time to catch up with everyone, sharing good memories from the past and thanking you individually for being such great friends were on top of my list for must do's but if I did not get around to some, you now have my sincere written message of gratitude.
My dream came true when I saw Robbie and Jerry, two gentlemen whom I have often wondered about throughout the years. Congratulations to both of you for having tied the knot (oh yeah,not to each other). Enjoy your time with your children Jerry, they have a habit of growing up too fast. (Surfer Girl was a total icing on the cake, thanks for the spin around the dance floor Robbie.)
Jim and Irene, you two have not changed a bit. Irene you are so beautiful and so gracious, you are quite the lady. Jim, your friendly demeanor and warm personality has made my reconnection with you extra special. Call me when you two want to get together for a mini reunion.
Ben it was a real threatt to see you again and I will be seeing you soon again & again, you are practically my neighbor. Thanks for keeping Ken company while I fluttered around like a teenager for hours and hours.
Mike, thank you for the verbal and photo connection, I instantly felt at home when you wrote back and encouraged me to attend the reunion. I'll be happy to share some old photos with you if you like.
Joe and John, thanks for including us in the fold, it was good to get to know you again after all these years. I forgot to collect the kiss again, dammit!
My special friend Kay, what a special surprise it was to see you again. You have done so much to get this reunion together with your fellow committee members, I appreciate all your efforts.
Liz, call me when you want to get together, Vacaville is only half an hour away from Sacramento. I am looking forward to seeing you again soon. Karl and Ken, sorry I called you Kimpira when you were bugging me in the art class. I really meant to say Chimpira.
Thanks for wonderful memories everyone, I had such a great time and I am looking foward to the next one already!