Yamato High School
Varsity Football

The Yamato Warriors, despite a handicap of having only six returning lettermen and an overall small squad, came up with a rewarding season. Plagued with constant injuries, the Warriors came out with a winning season at 5 - 3 - 1. Despite the spirit killing loss to Chofu, the Warriors came back to roll over the Johnson Falcons for a victorious Homecoming day.

When it came to choosing an All Conference Team, Yamato placed four players. Craig Coder at quarterback, Bob Gricius at center, for defense, Terry Wiblitzhouser at lineback and Roland Sales at tackle.

Regular Season
Yamato  38 YoHi  6
Yamato  34 Zama  0
Yamato  8 Chofu  42
Yamato  3 ASIJ  0
Yamato  14 Johnson  24
Yamato  18 YoHi  0
Yamato  0 Chofu  18
Yamato  6 ASIJ  6
Yamato  25 Johnson  12

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