Yamato High School
Varsity Football

The Yamato Warriors tied for the Kanto Plains Championship with the Chofu Vikings this year in football. Both teams had a 9 - 1 record. The Warriors experienced injuries throughout the season. Those who were badly injured were James Chida, Gerry Melancon, Bill Forden, Mike Banks and Bill Carlsen. These were among the best players on the team but the Warriors showed determination, strength and knowledge of the game in winning the championship. Every player can look forward to a rewarding future.

Regular Season
Yamato  18 Chofu  8
Yamato  26 ASIJ  14
Yamato  26 Johnson  14
Yamato  30 Chofu  8
Yamato  18 YoHi  0
Yamato  53 Zama  0
Yamato  14 Chofu  26
Yamato  47 ASIJ  0
Yamato  22 Johnson  6
Yamato  42 HoYi  0
Yamato  36 Zama  22

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