Yamato High School
Varsity Football

After running over three quick opponents with a notable first game win over eventual Tri-Champion Chofu, the Yamato Warriors experienced six straight defeats. With the return of only seven lettermen led by Seniors Stan Avans, Ken Miyazono, Kal Wong, Juniors Bill Forden, Larry Genn, Jerry Lowe and Sophmore Rick Taylor, the Warriors were pressed for depth.

The Warriors lost two heartbreaking games in the last twenty seconds of play to Zama 22 - 19 and Chofu 15 - 14. The squad, which consisted of 36 members at the beginning of the season, dwindled to 20 players at the last game; as key personnel were injured at crucial games. Lost in action were starters Stan Avans, Bob Cody, Ray Gambill, Jerry Lowe, Ken Miyazono and Sony Wong. Also Chuck Spicer was out due to training rules.

Three notable performers of the squad were linebacker Bill Forden and defensive backs Gerry Melancon and Rick Taylor. Honorable mention berths were filled on offense by Bill Forden, Gerry Melacon, Ray Parrish and Rick Taylor.

Regular Season
Yamato  12 Chofu  6
Yamato  6 Narimasu  0
Yamato  26 ASIJ  0
Yamato  19 Zama  22
Yamato  6 YoHi  38
Yamato  6 Johnson  48
Yamato  6 YoHi  32
Yamato  14 Chofu  15
Yamato  12 ASIJ  42

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